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A variant of this software exists, known as Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, and is listed separately due to significant differences.

Another World Circuit

Enter 135 792 4680 as your password, then press A, B and Select to gain access to "Another World Circuit".

View the Credits

Enter 106 113 0120 as your password, then press A, B and Select to view the credits.

Regain Energy

Repeatedly tap the Select button after a round ends to regain energy. This cheat may only be used once per game.

Hear a Busy Signal

Enter 800 422 2602 (This was Nintendo’s customer service phone number at the time) as your password to hear a busy signal.

Lose Half of your Energy

Hold Select and Down before the first match to lose half your energy. This code only works on matches after you have beaten Bald Bull for his title or after using 777 807 3454 as password, and only before the first match. You cannot use the "Regain energy" cheat in round 2 or 3 if you first use this code.


WVBA Minor Championship005 737 5423
WVBA Major Championship777 807 3454
World Circuit267 853 7538
0-0 Record at End932 820 8538
97-0 Record at End961 263 7938
Piston Honda032 730 8442
Super Macho Man267 913 7638
Don Flamenco005 373 5423
Mr Dream007 373 5963

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Immune to most hits0003 9160
No loss of hearts0003 2302
Infinite Stars and better chance of gaining stars from punches0003 4203

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Opponents won't react to combo hitsAZVETLGA
Knock out opponent with 1 punchAAVETLGA

Hint: Defeating Bald Bull in the Major Circuit

When fighting Bald Bull in the Major Circuit, he will spin his fists and try to punch you when the fight starts. Dodge his punches and occasionally hit him. He will eventually use his Bull Charge. When he comes very close to you, jab him in the stomach for a one-hit knock down.

Alternatively, knock hime down once during the round before he does his Bull Charge. When he comes at you, hit him with a body shot. If you time it correctly, he should get hit and fall to the ground. Repeat this one more time in the round to win the match and the Major Circuit Title.

Hint: Defeating Bald Bull in the World Circuit

When fighting Bald Bull in the World Circuit, he will be a little faster. Practice your finger speed and use the same tactics as in the Major Circuit fight with him. Dodge his punches and occassionally hit him, then, when he uses his Bull Charge, jab him in the stomach when he gets close.

At the start of the game where it says "New" and "Continue", do not press any buttons. Wait for the scene to appear of a fight with the CPU controlling Mac. If you watch, you will see a strategy for defeating Bald Bull the second time.

Hint: Defeating Don Flamenco (first fight)

Don Flamenco will start by taunting you. If you try punching at this point, he will block it. He will then perform the uppercut demonstrated in his entrance. Dodge this and give him left and right upper attacks repeatedly. He will be knocked to the ground. If he gets up again, he will try to perform the uppercut again. Hit him with left and right attacks again and you should get an easy KO.

Hint: Defeating Don Flamenco (second fight)

Don Flamenco is much more difficult to defeat the second time around as he will demonstration two more moves - a straight punch and an across jab. He should start out with the straight punch. Dodge those and hit him a couple of times. Next, he will use his across jab. Dodge that and punch him. After that, he will taunt you, then perform an uppercut. Dodge that and give him left and right attacks. He will not get punch drunk for the entire series of punches as before. Just keep moving and punching.

Hint: Defeating Glass Joe

When you start the fight with Glass Joe, just keep giving him upper shots. Hold Up or Down and you will notice that he changes his guard very slowly to block which direction the Directional Pad is held. Hit him where he is not blocking and you may get a star. One shot of the Super Punch (press Start when you have a star) and he will go down. Another way to defeat him is to wait a short time until he taunts you. When he rushes towards you, give him a punch to the gut and he will go down.

After he has been knocked down, if you wait 40 seconds, he will jump back and taunt you. When he comes back down, hit him in the face. 60% of the time he will stay down. However, if you want to be sure, hit him with the left.

Hint: Defeating Great Tiger

Great Tiger's form is similar to Von Kaiser. Watch the emerald in his turban. Before he punches, it should blink on and off. Punch his face at this point. When he starts performing his uppercuts, use a lower body punch when he bends down to get a star. Sometimes he will get mad and use his tiger flash attack, spinning around in circles. Block his repeated punches. If you block every one, his head will spin. Hit him in the face for a one-hit knock down. Repeat this to win.

Hint: Defeating King Hippo

When King Hippo opens his mouth it means he is about to punch you. He should shake violently when he is about to deliver that punch. While his mouth is open, quickly jab him in the face. He should grab his mouth and drop his trunks and you should see a little bandage that resembles an X. Do an assault of lower body punches and repeat this for an easy knockout.

Hint: Defeating Mr. Dream

Mike Tyson will start by performing eight to ten uppercuts that will knock you out in one hit. Dodge these. His other moves are performed in series' of eight to ten as well, such as his jabs. He also has a move that is similar to the Piston Rush. The key to defeating him is to pay close attention to the moves that he does. When he throws upper cuts, he usually flashes for one second, then punches. Just move out of his way in time to dodge. When he starts to flash a lot, jab him in the face. After he throws those eight to ten, he will start his jabs. Watch the wink that he does as this means he is about to attach. Immediately move out of the way when you see this. Do this several times. You should get a knockout before the round ends. Be patient because you will only be able to knock him down once in the first round. Just let him defeat himself. When the second round starts, he always throws small jabs in this pattern: 1-2-1-2,1-2-1-2-1-2. He will then start into the other jabs. In the second and third rounds, when he starts to blink his eyes very quickly, wait a few seconds, then hit him with a uppercut. If timed correctly, he should fall down no matter how much life he has. If done incorrectly, be ready to block his punches. Do not fight back, just block. After he has finished that series of jabs, he will flash and throw upper cuts three to four times. By now you should be able to hit him about six to eight times. Be patient, and it will be more than likely that you knock him out in the third round.

Hint: Defeating Mr. Sandman

Pay attention to Mr. Sandman's entrance and beware of his strong uppercuts. He should by performing straight punches. Dodge/block these and do not try to hit him while he is performing them. Sooner or later he will do across punches. Punch him in the face at this point, then continue jabbing him in the stomach. You cannot keep jabbing him in the face because he will block. After a while, he may start using his uppercuts. When he starts flashing, it means he is about to perform one of these, so get out of the way. Keep dodging as soon as you get back to your original position three times. There is about a half a second between each punch so you must time your dodges accordingly. After doing this three times, you should get an opportunity to uppercut him, then punch him in the stomach up to ten times. Continue attacking him like this to defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Piston Honda (Minor Circuit)

When Piston Honda enters, pay attention to his eyes. You will notice that he moves his eyebrows frequently. Every time he performs a basic punch, he will move his eyebrows. At this point, jab him in the chest. This should give you a star. Sooner or later he will start to perform uppercuts. Dodge these, punch him, then use the Super Punch. He will eventually use his Piston Rush (a series of punches). When he rushes into you, punch him in the gut and he should go down. Repeat this process to win.

Hint: Defeating Piston Honda (second fight)

Piston Honda will have improved greatly in the second fight. All of his moves are the same, only faster. Watch for his Piston Rush. For a one hit KO, punch him immediately before he reaches you while doing his Piston Rush.

Hint: Defeating Soda Popinski

Soda Popinski's only weakness is his speed. Dodge his punches and uppercuts and punch him back. There is no real strategy to defeating him. First, he will perform across punches, then he will move to his power uppercuts.

Hint: Defeating Super Macho Man

Beware of Super Macho Man's twist punches. He should start out by using across jabs. Dodge these and give him a couple of punches in the face. Watch out for his uppercuts. When he shakes, he is about to do his spin punch. Move to the right to dodge it. When he is knocked down, be careful when he gets up as he will perform a series of spin punches at this point. Dodge all of them (about ten) and give him a few more punches. Repeat this to win the World Circuit Title.

Hint: Defeating Von Kaiser

Keep watching Von Kaiser's face. Whenever he moves, this means he is ready to deliver a punch. After he has finished giving jabs, he will start to perform uppercuts. When he bends down to deliver the uppercut, give him a lower left punch to the gut. You should get a star. When he performs another uppercut, dodge it and punch him in the face. Next, use the Super Punch and he will be knocked down. Repeat this process to win.

Hint: TKO

Knock down an opponent three times in a single round to get a TKO. Note: This does not work on King Hippo.

Hint: Get up faster (emulator)

Note: This trick only works with the Jnes emulator. When you get knocked down, press A and B buttons with the simulation A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B. For Jnes, the keyboard buttons should be D for A and F for B.

Hint: Knockout retry (emulator)

Note: This trick may only works with the NESticle emulator. Select "CPU", "NES Movie", and "Record" to capture your match. If Mac is knocked out, play the movie and stop a few seconds before he is knocked out. The emulator will start the game exactly at the point where it was stopped, allowing you to avoid the mistake that lead to the knock out.

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