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Atari Jaguar

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Hardware Cheats

Remove "Paused" screen text:

To remove the text on the pause screen, press 1 and 3 at the same time. Note: This may not work in all games.

Disable and enable music

To disable or enable music, press 0.

Control spinning cube

To control the spinning cube, press Pause and Option while the Jaguar logo is displayed or hold Pause after the spinning cube appears. Then, press Up or Down to control the cube's size, Left or Right to control the speed, and 0 to control the direction. To continue loading the game, release Pause (if still held), or press Option, Pause, or # and * at the same time.

Memory track manager

Hold Option and power on the system, then use button commands to access the corresponding features.

FeatureButton Command
Select filesUp or Down
Delete selected fileA, B, or C
Delete all filesOption, * and #
Select alphabetical or size sortOption
Sort type and save settingsOption and 1
Change name or size of selected fileOption, 7 and 9
Self-testOption, *, 0 and #
Exit* and #

External input mode (Atari Jaguar CD Virtual Light Machine)

For external input mode, press A, * and # after closing the Jaguar CD lid without a disc inserted.

Spectrum trigger configuration (Atari Jaguar CD Virtual Light Machine)

For spectrum trigger configuration, press *, 0, 1, then 3 at a blank screen in VLM mode.

Configure effects (Atari Jaguar CD Virtual Light Machine)

To configure the effects, first enable the "Spectrum trigger configuration" code by pressing *, 0, 1, then 3 at a blank screen in VLM mode. Then, highlight the first option on the spectrum configuration menu and press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, then Down. Note: Use the C button to exit menus that have no default exit option.

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