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Music during Deathmatch or Co-Op game

To hear music during a Deathmatch or Co-op game rather than sound effects, begin a multi-player game on Level 23. Complete the level, then reset one of the Jaguars when the ending text is showing. Start a new Deathmatch or Co-Op game on the Jaguar that was reset. Music will be heard during the next game instead of sound effects.

Level Select

Enter one of the following button commands during game play to jump to the corresponding level:
LevelButton Command
Level 11 and Pause
Level 22 and Pause
Level 33 and Pause
Level 44 and Pause
Level 55 and Pause
Level 66 and Pause
Level 77 and Pause
Level 88 and Pause
Level 99 and Pause
Level 10A and Pause
Level 111, A and Pause
Level 122, A and Pause
Level 133, A and Pause
Level 144, A and Pause
Level 155, A and Pause
Level 166, A and Pause
Level 177, A and Pause
Level 188, A and Pause
Level 199, A and Pause
Level 20B and Pause
Level 211, B and Pause
Level 222, B and Pause
Level 233, B and Pause
Level 244, B and Pause

Enemy descriptions

Former SoldierResembles your old friends, but fires pistols at you. When killed, he will drop clips for the chaingun and pistol.
Former SergeantCarries shotguns and does more damage than a former soldier. When killed, he will drop shotguns.
ImpThrows fireballs and takes more bullets to kill.
DemonAppears in most areas and can rip your head off if you are not careful. If multiple Demons appear, use the chaingun.
CacodemonAn ugly creature with a big mouth. If it sees you, it will fire lightning balls from its mouth. Use rockets to defeat it.
MancubusYou have to use more then a chaingun to kill this one. Use ammunition with caution.
ArachnotronFires plasma energy at you. Use the rifle to defeat it.
Spider DemonHas a super chaingun mounted on her body. Use your plasma rifle or rocket launcher to defeat her.


For invincibility, press Pause, * and Pause during game play. Alternatively, press Pause, 9, 4, 7, 4, 9, 2, 1 then 0. This cheat cannot be enabled during Co-op or Deathmatch modes.

All keys, weapons and full ammunition

For all keys, weapons and full ammunition, press Pause, # and Pauseduring game play. This cheat cannot be enabled during Co-op or Deathmatch modes.

Fire weapons while on automap screen

To fire weapons while on the automap screen, hold C and B. If the controls have been reconfigured, hold the buttons assigned to Use and Fire. This cheat cannot be enabled during Co-op or Deathmatch modes.

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