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Select any region, all weapons, unlimited money

To have access to any region, all weapons and unlimited, money, enter TO THE TOP as a company name.

All weapons

For all weapons, enter VARIETY PACK as a company name.

$100 million

To start with $100 million, first enter ROB A BANK as a company name, then return to the prompt and enter the company name of your choice.

Select any region

To activate all regions for selection, enter NUK THEM as a company name.

Faster research time

For faster research time, enter WATCH THE CLOCK as a company name.

Free reload

For a free reload, save the game after completing a mission, then quit the current game and reload the saved game to resume will all weapons fully loaded. This will, however, reset any research that is in progress.

Hint: Easy money

First, ensure that the Gauss Gun appears on the equipment list by researching it under the Heavy category. Once it is there, select it as the item on the equipment list. This will allow $50 000 to be obtained per pistol - the best cash return.

Hint: Recommended process

Start a new game and follow the steps below:

  1. Buy the Persuadatron and a pistol, then deselect the other three agents so that there is only one.
  2. Buy Legs, Arms, Chest and Eyes V1 then complete level 1 (Western Europe).
  3. Research Assault and complete level 2 (Scandinavia). After Assault has been researched, buy the Flamer as a backup weapon.
  4. Complete level 3 (Central Europe). Buy Brain and Heart V1. Wait for Day 0 after 23 and gain extra money by waiting.
  5. Complete level 4 (Eastern Europe) and research Uzi and Assault by waiting until day 23.
  6. Complete level 5 (Urals) and research Automatic which is the mini-gun. Alternatively, wait until the mini-gun has been researched by waiting every 23 days then complete level 6 (Siberia) and level 7 (Mongolia). Then, complete other levels while researching Legs, Arms, Eyes and Chest V2.

Hint: Playing Tips

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