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Tempest 2000

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Enable rotary control

To enable rotary control, Hold Pause on controllers 1 and 2 at the option menu. The word "Excellent" will be spoken if the cheat has worked.

Rotate web preview

To rotate the web preview, press the Directional-pad at the level selection screen.

Sheep sounds

To hear sheep sounds, press Pause when the first "Jupiter" warp level starts. Select the music volume option and sheep will be heard later in the song.

Cheat Mode

To activate Cheat Mode, hold 1, 4, 7 and A at the main menu. The word "Excellent" will be spoken if the cheat has worked. The following codes may now be activated during the game:

Level skipPress Option.
Activate Warp bonus roundPress 6.
Invisible webBegin game play in Tempest Plus mode. Hold Option to reach the rainbow web levels to play on invisible webs.
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