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Star Wars

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Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Lives0006 DF03
Infinite Energy0007 2940

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite LivesSZEAYXVK
Begin the game with 9 livesAAXAGAZE
Begin the game with 6 livesIAXAGAZA
Begin the game with 1 lifeAAXAGAZA
Immune to spikesGZSYLSSO
Immune to most bulletsSLVUYNSO
Immune to most collisionsGXNUZIST + SLKLYVSO
Full energy on big energy pick-upsAAKLNGZA
Less energy on big energy pick-upsAAKLUGAX
More energy on big energy pick-upsAGKLUGAZ

Hint: Advance to Death Star

To advance to the death star, shoot the third Greedo in the Cantina, then quickly run to the wall to the right. You will then be able to enter a warp to the Death Star.

Hint: Extra lives

Find the wall in Obi Wan's cave that appears to be slightly different to the other walls. Jump left into the wall to find two bonus lives.

Hint: Tractor beam core

When battling in the tractor beam core room, do not jump during the fight. Just point the gun upwards and shoot at the opponents. You cannot be hit if you stay on the ground.

Hint: Womp Rat

Stop after reaching the entrance to the Womp Rat boss' lair. Jump up and down and shoot the boss to avoid getting hit.

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