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Snake's Revenge

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Unlimited Items

Collect items from a room, then use the transceiver. When you return to the main screen, the items you just collected will reappear, allowing you to gain the item an unlimited amount of times. This will only work with ammunition and food.

Final Password

Enter the following password to start at the last warehouse with all weapons and items: PXVH LNN# 7YMD QK4. WNND !!4LB K%!K 4G


Base 1!!PX 2QD4 Z.N. 1MTH T2XQ 5T26 Q!!1? 17
Base 1 (Password 2)JT?' R.47 9%X8 !7W9 59V!! Q#NG ZXPX 4H
Ship4.T? B4PY 2ND6 ZH2B 136# 61X3 6T26 13
Town 17R7H 'Y!8 7D## QK4Z X48W !!4#M MY!N 4G
Town 1 (Password 2)G!!QB 3XG9 !.PP NNVM V3YN 6V39 YQ2? 27
Train5!!P! 6#-8 Z56- K9PJ P8W9 7T!7 QGGT 3B
Town 2JQGG -%DV 6BKM PJ3T W37V G3.L G-ZL 3G
Town 2 (Password 2)MBGQ R9Q7 H4H7 4JPV 8#W3 DP7X 4KT? 35
Cable CarM!!WN GN9L 4R!!- HK4B 338? W3ZY L#49 53
Cable Car (Password 2)HHK!! -#9% 3%R% N5H- 7H8T PG3K W47W 54
Castle?7M4 GMVP ?8PB 2X7# 6YR9 ?LD! W3VR GJ

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Energy0000 7007

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite EnergySXKVKASA
Injuries reduced by up to 50%AEUVOAYA
Infinite ammo for all weaponsXTNTZVEE
Infinite Beretta ammoSZEEOUSE
Infinite Shotgun ammoSXOASKSE
Infinite GrenadesSZKAKKSE
Infinite MissilesSXVEOKSE
Begin the game with double bullets for Beretta M92EEXVGYAG
Begin the game with half bullets for Beretta M92AXXVGYAG
Begin the game with Machine Gun instead of BerettaZEOVAYPA + XKXVTYEG
Begin the game with Shotgun instead of BerettaGEOVAYPA + KKXVTYEG
Begin the game with Grenades instead of BerettaAXOVAYPA + VKXVTYEG
Begin the game with Missiles instead of BerettaEEOVAYPA + EKXVTYEK
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