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Snake, Rattle 'n Roll

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Warp to Level 3

In level 1, go to the first island in the water and quickly press A and B to advance to level 3.

Warp to Level 5

In Level 3, collect the key in the well, then jump to the top of the pyramid as soon as possible to warp to level 5.

Warp to Level 8

In Level 1, get to the end within 4 seconds to find a rocket that will take you to level 8.

Yellow Fish

In level 8, do not go into the door at the end. Instead, go back and you should see a flying carpet. Get onto the flying carpet and get the clock before getting the extra life. After getting the extra life and you are in the water, all of the fish will be yellow. Move beside the spikes in the ground in the lake to retrieve another extra life.

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Lives for Player 10003 DF01
Infinite Lives for Player 20003 E009
Player 1 invincible except from spikes0005 9F0D
Player 2 invincible except from spikes0005 A00D

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite LivesSLOUSVVS
Start with 9 livesAEXAYZZE
Start with 6 livesIEXAYZZA
Start with 1 lifeAEXAYZZA
9 lives after continueAEUAETZE
6 lives after continueIEUAETZA
1 life after continueAEUAETZA
Begin the game on Level 2PEUEGXNY
Begin the game on Level 3ZEUEGXNY
Begin the game on Level 4LEUEGXNY
Begin the game on Level 5GEUEGXNY
Begin the game on Level 6IEUEGXNY
Begin the game on Level 7TEUEGXNY
Stop timerSXEYOZVG
Slower timerEPNNVXTT
Faster timerAGNNVXTT
High jumpingZAXOSGPA
Extra high jumpingLAXOSGPA

Hint: Unreachable items

To reach the unreachable items in levels 1 and 2, allow the shark to catch. It will then eject you into the air, allowing you to land in places that are too high for you to reach by jumping on your own.

Hint: Key and life

In level 8, go into the third pool and go all the way to the bottom of the screen. You can see part of a key. Go down further, and to the left you will find an extra life.

Marble Madness reference

When your snake falls off of the platforms, it makes the same noise as when you fall off a platform in the game "Marble Madness".

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