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Puzznic Passwords

Level 1-155VC
Level 1-25FP7
Level 1-35L3B
Level 1-45TJ5
Level 1-55WCL
Level 1-651RW
Level 1-75V7V
Level 1-85PZ3
Level 1-953BC
Level 1-105JM7
Level 2-15C5B
Level 2-25RF5
Level 2-357LL
Level 2-45ZTW
Level 2-55BWV
Level 2-65M13
Level 2-7FFV7
Level 2-8FLPB
Level 2-9FT35
Level 2-10FWJL
Level 3-1PRC5
Level 3-2P7RL
Level 3-3PZ7W
Level 3-4PBZV
Level 3-5PMB3
Level 3-6P5MC
Level 3-7PF57
Level 3-8PLFB
Level 3-9PTL5
Level 3-10PWTL
Level 4-1P1WW
Level 4-2PV1V
Level 4-333VC
Level 4-43JP7
Level 4-53C3B
Level 4-63RJ5
Level 4-737CL
Level 4-83ZRW
Level 4-93B7V
Level 4-10BMZ3
Level 5-1LCBB
Level 5-2LRM5
Level 5-3L75L
Level 5-4LZFW
Level 5-5LBLV
Level 5-6LMT3
Level 5-7L5WC
Level 5-8LF17
Level 5-9TTV5
Level 5-10TWPL
Level 6-1T13W
Level 6-2TVJV
Level 6-3TPC3
Level 6-4T3RC
Level 6-5TJ77
Level 6-6TCZB
Level 6-7TRB5
Level 6-8T7ML
Level 6-9JT55
Level 6-10JWFL
Level 7-1J1LW
Level 7-2JVTV
Level 7-3JPW3
Level 7-4J31C
Level 7-5CCVB
Level 7-6CRP5
Level 7-7C73L
Level 7-8CZJW
Level 7-9CBCV
Level 7-10CMR3
Level 8-1C57C
Level 8-2CFZ7
Level 8-3CLBB
Level 8-5CW5L
Level 8-6C1FW
Level 8-7CVLV
Level 8-8CPT3
Level 8-9C3WC
Level 8-10CJ17
Level 9-1RRV5
Level 9-2R7PL
Level 9-3RZ3W
Level 9-4RBJV
Level 9-5RMC3
Level 9-6R5RC
Level 9-7RF77
Level 9-9RTB5
Level 9-10RWML
Level 10-1R15W
Level 10-2RVFV
Level 10-3RPL3
Level 10-4R3TC
Level 10-5RJW7
Level 10-6RC1B
Level 10-777VL
Level 10-87ZPW
Level 11-57WBL
Level 12-3ZZVW
Level 12-5ZM33
Level 13-1Z1BW
Level 13-2ZVMV
Level 13-3ZP53
Level 13-4Z3FC
Level 16-10MB1V

Gravnic Passwords

Level 1-155VC
Level 1-25FP7
Level 1-35L3B
Level 1-45TJ5
Level 2-15C5B
Level 2-25RF5
Level 2-357LL
Level 2-45ZTW
Level 3-1F1CW
Level 3-2FVRV
Level 4-1FMW3
Level 4-2F51C
Level 4-3LLVB
Level 4-4LTP5
Level 4-5LW3L
Level 4-6L15W
Level 4-7LVCV
Level 5-1LCBB
Level 6-1T13W
Level 7-1TML3
Level 8-1WC7B
Level 8-10WT15

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Unlimited Time0005 0E40
Unlimited Retries0005 1005
Unlimited Moves in Gravnic0006 EC06
2000 Points for each match0006 D30F
Strange Game Play0006 67FF

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Slower timerITKIPXGL
Faster timerTPKIPXGU
Start on level 1-3ZEUAIPAE
Start on level 2-1ZEUAIPAE
Start on level 3-1GOUAIPAA
Start on level 3-3TOUAIPAA
Start on level 3-9GOUAIPAE
Start on level 4-1TOUAIPAE
Start on level 4-3AXUAIPAA
Start on level 5-1AXUAIPAE
Start on level 6-1ZUUAIPAA
Start on level 6-3GUUAIPAA
Start on level 6-9ZUUAIPAE
Start on level 7-1GUUAIPAE
Start on level 8-1TKUAIPAA
Start on level 8-9TKUAIPAE
Start on level 9-1ASUAIPAA
Start on level 9-9ASUAIPAE
Start on level 10-7AVUAIPAA
Start on level 11-5AVUAIPAE
Start on level 12-3ANUAIPAA
Start on level 12-5ZNUAIPAA
Start on level 13-1ANUAIPAE
Start on level 13-3ZNUAIPAE
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