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Micro Machines

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Always Qualify

Complete the qualifying race, then hold Up, Select and B. The screen should soon change colour and when it does so, press Start. If you have entered the code correctly, the words “Qualify - 6 Lives" will appear on the screen.

Extra Life

Jump off the folder, press Start pause the game while in mid-air, then Start again to resume. An extra life will be available after the next race is lost.

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Lives0003 2103

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Start with 9 livesPEKNAYLE or PAXNAYLE
Ruff Trux after every racePEUYXZLA or PAOYXZLA
Kid out of game after every racePASYNALA or PEUYYYLA
Begin the game on race 5GEKNIYAA or GAXNIYAA
Begin the game on race 10PEKNIYAE or PAXNIYAE
Begin the game on race 15TEKNIYAE or TAXNIYAE
Begin the game on race 20LOKNIYAA or LPXNIYAA
Begin the game on race 25AOKNIYAE or APXNIYAE
Win Championship raceGESYOZPA or GAUYOZPA
Faster Boat accelerationAAOEIAIA
Faster Sports Car accelerationAAOEGAIA
Faster Formula 1 accelerationAAOETAIA
Faster Turbo Wheels accelerationAAOEYAIA
Faster 4x4 accelerationAAXAAAIA
Faster Tank accelerationAAXAZAZA
Faster Chopper accelerationAAXALAIA
Faster Boat decelerationAAXATEPA
Faster Sports Car decelerationAAXAIEPA
Faster Formula 1 decelerationAAXAYEPA
Faster Turbo Wheels decelerationAAXEAEPA
Faster 4x4 decelerationAAXEPEPA
Faster Tank decelerationAAXELAZA
Faster Chopper decelerationAAXEGEYA
Higher bounce for BoatsYAEAZAPA
Higher bounce for Sports carsIAEAPAPA
Higher bounce for Formula 1 carsYAEALAPA
Higher bounce for Turbo WheelsYAEAGAPA
Higher bounce for 4x4 carsYAEAIAPA
Higher bounce for TanksYAEAYAPA

Easy win in Sandy Straights

To easily win in Sandy Straights, drive in reverse until the first bend near the water. Pause the game and the lap counter will decrease. Resume game play and cross the finish line to win.

Turbo acceleration in Sahara Straights

For turbo acceleration in Sahara Straights, drive until reaching the footprint in the sand. Stop at the bottom part of the footprint, pause the game, then resume game play.

Easy win in Handyman's Curve

To easily win in Handyman's Curve, drive into the spout of the large oil can in the lower left of the track. Pause game play, then resume again to win.

Sticky Grip in Potted Passage

For Sticky Grip in Potted Passage, follow the green pipe into the plants, then drive into the small space. Pause the game, then resume game play again for Sticky Grip.

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