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Legend Of Zelda, The

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Start on Second Quest

Enter ZELDA as your name to start on the second quest.

No broken door charge

Press A and B on controller 2 after the old man asks for payment for a broken door and you won’t be charged for the door

Faster Save

Press Start on controller 1 to display the options menu, then press Up and A on controller 2. The game save menu will appear.

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Bombs0006 5808
Take Less Damage0006 70FF

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Take no damageAVVLAUSZ
Start new game with 16 life heartsNYKPOYZX
Start new game with 8 life heartsYYKPOYZZ
Infinite BombsSZNZVOVK
Start with the blue ringESKUILTA
Start with the red ringOSKUILTA
Do not lose rupees when buying itemsSZVXASVK
All items are freeSZVXASVK + AEVEVALG

Hint: Gambling

In the early part of the game, defeat the blue enemies until one of them drops bombs. Collect the bombs and ensure you have 10 to 20 rupees, then, from the starting location, go to the screen to the west of you and blast a hole in the wall above the middle of the rows of rocks. An entrance to a gambling hall will be revealed. Save the game, then enter the gambling hall and select one of the rupees to place your bet. If you win, save the game. If you lose, revert to the saved game and try again until you win.

Hint: Quickly obtain rupees

If you need to quickly earn some rupees, take the following route and defeat all enemies you encounter. From the starting point, move right four times. Keep going through the beach area. Once you get to the part with the stairs that lead up to the warp location, go left. Keep going left until you reach the corner of the lake with all of the "flowers" flying around. Then, turn back and go back to the part with the stairs to the warp location. Go down and make your way back to the starting point. Repeat these steps until you have 255 rupees (the maximum you can carry). It is recommended that you have the Magic Shield and White Sword when doing this. This is a good way to earn rupees for the Blue Ring, which costs 250 rupees.

Hint: Less enemies

Travelling across Hyrule can be made much easier when there are less enemies on each screen. To enable this, defeat every enemy on each screen except for one. Every time you return to any such screen, that single enemy will be there, but no new ones will have appeared. This can be used in some of the dungeon rooms as well, but keep in mind that you are required to defeat all enemies in order for the doors to open. Once you defeat the final enemy on any screen, new ones will have appeared in their original quantities when you return to that screen.

Easter Egg: Flutes and whistles

Blow the flute in any ordinary place in the Overworld and a tornado will take you away. The same thing happens in Super Mario Bros 3 after a whistle is found (1-3, 1-F, 2-H) and used.

Hint: Avoiding paying for doors

If you have no money and enter a room with an old man, he will not collect anything and leave for good.

Easter Egg: Old Man

Find an old man inside any of the Labyrinths, and then try to attack him using bombs, flames, arrows or your sword. The two flames in the room will start attacking you.

Hint: Freeze enemies

When you have your boomerang (wooden or magical) throw it at an enemy. It will freeze for a few seconds. While it is frozen, you can defeat them easier. This is especially useful when fighting the Tektites (one-eyed red spider-like enemies).

Hint: Unlock door in first dungeon

During the First Quest, enter the first Dungeon for the first time, then turn around and immediately exit. Turn back around and re-enter the first Dungeon. The locked door at the top of the screen will be open.

Hint: The Lost Woods

The Lost Woods are located in southwestern Hyrule. There are two exits from The Lost Woods, west and east. If you go north or south, you will end up in The Lost Woods again. You can always exit to the east. To get to the Graveyard to the west, go north, west, south, then west. If you make a mistake, you will have to take the eastern exit, then return to The Lost Woods and go through the north, west, south, then west path again.

Hint: The Lost Hills

The Lost Hills are like The Lost Woods, but the path you need to take is different. If you want to go north to the entrance to Level 5, then take the north path five times. To exit The Lost Hills, go west.

Hint: The Secret Pond

The Secret Pond is located in western Hyrule, near The Lost Woods. It hides the entrance to Labyrinth 7. To reveal the entrance, blow the Whistle. The water will disappear, and stairs will appear, leading to Labyrinth 7.

Hint: Defeat Gohma with one shot

To defeat Gohma in one shot, prepare your bow and arrows before you entering the room where Gohma is located in Labyrinth 6. Fire an arrow as soon as you enter the room. Gohma will be perfectly lined up with the doorway with his eye open, and you will be able to defeat him with a single shot.

Hint: Items from ghosts

Use this trick to get items such as rupees and hearts from ghosts. Watch the lone ghost out in any graveyard. Then, touch all of the other graves. Now, freeze the original ghost with your boomerang (any type will work) and defeat it. All of the other ghosts will appear and turn into items. To make this even easier, you can hit the first ghost a few times until it will only take one more hit to defeat it before touching the other graves. Then, perform the trick and defeat the original ghost in just one more hit for the items to appear.

Hint: Empty all hearts but stay alive

While you still have only the original three hearts of health, head to one of the rooms in the labyrinths that has a man asking for your money or your life. Give him your life and all of your hearts will be emptied, meaning you have zero health, but you will not die.

Hint: Stairs

Whenever you see statues in the Overworld, a set of stairs will almost always be under one of them.

Hint: Waterfall

Walk into the waterfall to find an Old Woman seeking money in exchange for advice.

Hint: Defeating Digdogger

When you enter a screen with Digdogger (the giant eyeball character), play the flute and it will shrink down to a smaller size.

Easter Egg: Alternative Link colours

When Link picks up the clock that freezes the enemies and he blinks different colours, press Select to freeze the screen. Repeat this to see Link in different shades. If you freeze it at the correct moment, his clothes will be all red and white making him resemble Santa Claus. At another moment, his clothes are black and red and his skin will be green.

Hint: Secret passages

There are at least three secret passages in teh game that link to each other and lead to different areas of the Overworld, acting as shortcuts to locations that would take a while to reach on foot. The closest passage from the starting location is found two screens to the right, but you need the Power Bracelet in order to push the leftmost rock. Once you open one entrance, all of them will be open. The entrances, lead to a room with the Old Man saying "Take any road you want" and three staircases.

Hint: Heart piece locations

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