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Double Dragon II: The Revenge

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Extra Lives

Start a 2-player game and defeat player 2. Each time the second player loses a life, player 1 gains it.

Level Select

At the title screen, quickly enter the code below that corresponds to the group of levels you'd like to select:

Levels 1 to 3Up, Right, Down, Left then A.
Levels 4 to 6Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A then A.
Levels 7 to 9A, A, B, B, Down, Up, Right then Left on controller two.

Continue Option

At the Game Over screen, quickly enter one of the following codes at the after completing the corresponding level. Press Start on controller 1 to continue the game at the end of the last level played.

Levels 1 to 3Up, Right, Down, Left then A.
Levels 4 to 6Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A then A.
Levels 7 to 9A, A, B, B, Down, Up, Right then Left on controller two.

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Lives for Player 10004 3203
Infinite Lives for Player 20004 3303
Unlimited Energy for Player 10004 1E7F
Unlimited Energy for Player 20004 1F7F

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Player 1 starts with 8 livesAASVETGE
Player 2 starts with 8 livesAAVVSTGE
Player 1 starts with 1 lifePASVETGA
Player 2 starts with 1 lifePAVVSTGA
Keep lives after falling off screenSZXAYKVS
Keep lives after losing energySXOANXVS
Keep lives from falling into waterSZVESUVS
Start on level 4LAUTXTAA
Start on level 5IAUTXTAA
Start on level 6TAUTXTAA
Start on level 7PAUTXTAE
Slower game playNNEVOIAE

Hint: Level 1 - Defeating the boss

To defeat the boss in level 1, knock him off the edge of the building. This technique can be used in other situations too whenever you are near water, spikes or a pit.

Hint: Level 2 - Earn hearts faster

To earn hearts faster in Level 2, get to the part where you have to climb the fence, then walk across and climb down or fall off the right side. Do not jump. Edge over to the right until the two Williams thugs appear. Go back up the fence, and walk over to the left as far as possible, then head back across the fence and the Williams thugs will be gone. However, along the top of the fighting plane, begin kicking, punching, or using your bat until an invisible, stationary Williams is hit. This "ghost" opponent will not move or attack. Simply keep attacking until you obtain the maximum seven hearts.

Hint: Level 2 - Defeating helicopter enemies

When the helicopter is shooting at you, stand directly on the right side of the ladder to avoid getting shot. When enemies start appearing from the helicopter by twos, wait for both of them to get on the ladder at the same time, then execute a Cyclone Kick to knock them both off.

Glitch: Level 4 - Helicopter door

Pause the game and wait several seconds when the helicopter door opens. The door will close when game play resumes.

Hint: Level 5 - Defeating the boss

When you reach the part where the big enemies appear from the hut, perform a Jump Kick, Hurricane Kick, or Knee move the moment they walk out the door. If timed correctly, they will fly off the edge an be easily defeated, saving you time and some life.

Hint: Playing level 9

Level 9 only appears if the game is played under the "Supreme Master" difficulty level.

Hint: Super uppercut

To perform a super uppercut, press Punch as you are rising from a knockdown or a jump kick. If your opponent is close enough to you, he/she will always get hit by the uppercut.

Hint: Easily defeat opponents with cyclone kick

After knocking down your opponent with a cyclone kick, immediately move towards him/her so you are just close enough to perform another cyclone kick. Launch the kick and, if positioned correctly, your opponent should get up just in time to get knocked over again. This works well with tougher bosses.

Hint: Hurricane Kick

To perform a hurricane kick, press A and B together rapidly. You will be thrown into the air and spin with your leg out for about two seconds.

Hint: Flying Mantis Kick

To perform a Flying Mantis Kick, press A and B together when close to an enemy to send him/her flying across the screen.

Glitch: Walk up the side of a building

Go to the wall where the two post are located and stand between them. Hold Up and you will walk up the side of the building.

Hint: Make a barrel fly into the air

Take the barrel and go to edge of the grey building. Toss the barrel and it will fly into the air.

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