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Double Dragon

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Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Lives in Mode A0000 4303
Invincibility in Mode A0003 B440
Player 1 Invincible in Mode B0003 B44C
Player 2 Invincible in Mode B0003 B54E

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Start with 9 livesAEUTLZZE
Start with 6 livesIEUTLZZA
Start with 1 lifeAEUTLZZA
Extra energy for player 1XTKYOEZK
Extra energy for player 2 or CPUXTKNXEZK
Timer stoppedAAUNYLPA
Timer will count down fasterAZUYZLAL
Timer will count down much fasterAPUYZLAL

Additional moves

For every 1000 experience points accumulated, as noted in the counter the bottom left corner, one additional heart and a new move will be awarded, as shown below:

Experience PointsMove
2000Jump kick
3000Hair pull
4000Pin attack
5000Elbow punch
6000Spin kick

Hint: Defeating Chin easily

To easily defeat Chin, the level two boss, quickly climb down the ladders after he appears. Keep climbing downward until the end of level music is heard.

Hint: More experience

To gain more experience, reach mission 2 and get the baseball bat from the opponent that is on top of the fence. Jump off the fence and let the two opponents come after you. Get the top opponent to come to the end of the red pipes at the top of the screen and, once he is in that location, run up the fence and move all the way to the end of it. Then, turn around, jump back off the fence, and go to the end of the pipes. Although no opponents will be in sight, start swinging your bat at the end of the pipes for more experience and faster move learning.

Glitch: Looping level

Towards the end of Mission 1 (after you defeat the men with the barrel) you will reach a door and two women with a jump rope. Keep walking to the right until you reach the wall, where there are two vertical bars. Press Up and you will walk up the wall. If you press A, B, or A and B together, you will get hurt and fall off the wall. If you keep going up off the top edge of the screen, you will appear at the bottom again.

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