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Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

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Passwords (PAL Version)

DaggerWKK0 T@89 5H@G 3JBN
Dagger, Garlic2GM5 D76 2J69 0DB3
Password 12GD1 K27 2N69 ZWN3
Password 2KNP @8@ R5DJ ZJNZ
Password 3LXQ Y3TP @MN8 MWGT
Password 41N3 X2H6 4L@3 !Z9
Password 5TRL W2G5 5KQ2 34PG

Passwords (NTSC Version)

Thorn Whip, Holy WaterOFIC M5YX XD4C Q3AA
Dracula's Rib, Chain Whip, Blue CrystalOFIT M5QX 1P5S QBQA
Dracula’s Rib, Dracula’s HeartFPIT OXSF 7JVY SYZO
Dracula’s Rib, Dracula’s Heart, Dracula’s EyeTISY PZD0 Y48V 5KR1
Dracula’s Rib, Dracula’s Heart, Dracula’s Eye, Dracula’s NailFP2T OYSF 5ZVY S0ZO
Dracula's Rib, Chain Whip, Blue Crystal, Dracula's HeartSZMH QXE1 5PXW UESE
Dracula's Rib, Chain Whip, Blue Crystal, Dracula's Heart, Dracula's Nail, Flame Whip, Red CrystalTIRH DYDZ 4O5V 81B1
Dracula's Rib, Chain Whip, Blue Crystal, Dracula's Heart, Dracula's Nail, Flame Whip, Red Crystal, Ring, CrossMLIE WUCW VNKU SCBC
Start game with all itemsMLIT WVCW T3KU SFZC
Start game with all items and full experienceDINT XXDY 445X V3ZX
DraculaRIG7 NVFX E45V 07BT
Dracula, in under 512
Dracula (second ending)OYZY UQAU R12S SMIA
Dracula (third ending)C1DF O26D L1KN SWJK

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Lives0000 3103
Infinite Energy0000 8030
Infinite Laurels0000 4C04
Infinite Garlic on pick-up0000 4D04
9,950 credits0000 4999

Game Genie Codes

These codes will no longer be effective after you use all lives and continue.

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite energySZSSYLSA
Begin with more energyAISKTIAL
Begin with less energyAZSKTIAL
Begin with 9 livesPASGLILE
Begin with 6 livesTASGLILA
Begin with 1 lifePASGLILA
Begin with 75 heartsIYSKZIAIL
Begin with 25 heartsIZSKZIAIL

Saving your game

When you die three times in a row and the game ends, go to "Password" instead of "Continue". Copy down the password that is displayed. It does not matter if you do this more than once; the passwords displayed each time just go to the same saved location. When you want to continue your game, choose "Password" instead of "Start Game". Enter the password you copied down earlier and choose the "End" icon. You will continue your game in the first town, but you will have all of your items, all of your hearts, and full life.

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