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Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, The

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Level Passwords

Level 2SZWS
Level 3ZS2S
Level 4ZZPS
Level 5SW3S
Level 6SXES
Level 7ZW4S
Level 8ZX9S
Level 9WSRS
Level 10WZFS
Level 11XSJS
Level 12XZKS
Level 13WWMS
Level 14WXCS
Level 15XWAS
Level 16XXOS
Level 17S2SZ
Level 18STWZ
Level 19Z22Z
Level 20ZTPZ
Level 21SP3Z
Level 22SYEZ
Level 23ZP4Z
Level 24ZY9Z
Level 25W2RZ
Level 26WTFZ
Level 27X2JZ
Level 28XTKZ
Level 29WPMZ
Level 30WYCZ
Level 31XPAZ
Level 32XY0Z
Level 332SSW
Level 342ZWW
Level 35TS2W
Level 36TZPW
Level 372W3W
Level 38ZXEW
Level 39TW4W
Level 40TX9W
Level 41PSRW
Level 42PZFW
Level 43YSJW
Level 44YZKW
Level 45PWMW
Level 46PXCW
Level 47YWAW
Level 48YXOW
Level 4922SX
Level 502TWX
Level 51T22X
Level 52TTPX
Level 532P3X
Level 542YEX
Level 55TP4X
Level 56TY9X
Level 57P2RX
Level 58PTFX
Level 59Y2JX
Level 60YTKX
Level 61PPMX
Level 62PYCX
Level 63YPAX
Level 64YYOX
Level 65S3S2
Level 66S1W2
Level 672322
Level 68Z1P2
Level 69SE32
Level 70SHE2
Level 71ZE42
Level 72ZH92
Level 73W3R2
Level 74W1F2
Level 75X3J2
Level 76X1K2
Level 77WEM2
Level 78WHC2
Level 79XEA2
Level 80XHO2

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Lives0004 2903
Infinite Energy0004 280C

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite LivesSZOKGPVG
Start with 10 livesZAUGPAIE
Start with 1 lifePAUGPAIA
Start with super rabbit punchesPXXTGGEN + PXXTAGAO
Enemies move fasterGXKGZZEY
Invisible platformsGASGAAPA
Start on level 10SZOKGAAX + PEXYVYAE
Start on level 20SZOKGAAX + LOXYVYAA
Start on level 30SZOKGAAX + IOXYVYAE
Start on level 40SZOKGAAX + YXXYVYAA
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