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Extra Lives

To start with 6 lives, hold Down, A and B simultaneously and press Start at the title screen or continue screen. This cheat can also be achieved if you hold Down and press A, B then Start at the title screen or continue screen. You will hear a sound if the cheat has worked.

Become Immune to Electric Shocks

In a 2-player game you can become immune to electric shocks by picking up your partner and placing him into an electric field while still holding him. Get your partner to do the same to you, then you will both be immune to any future electric shocks.

Warp Zones

In level 1, quickly head butt the first two pigs, then run to the right to find a warp zone on the ledge. Jump into it and you will be in level 3. In level 3, there is a level warp on the tenth wall after you pass through the fifth gate. This will take you to level 4. In level 4, in the last section, fall halfway onto the first platform. Now jump up quickly and repeatedly and you will find a warp to level 6. In level 6, go to the second section and ride the snake as high as possible. Now run to the right, jump, then run again to the right to find another warp.

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Lives for Player 10000 1105
Infinite Lives for Player 20000 1205
Infinite Energy for Player 10005 1A2F
Infinite Energy for Player 20005 1B2F

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite livesGXXZZLVI
Start with 1 lifePENVZILA
Start with 6 livesTENVZILA
Start with 9 livesPENVZILE
Flies give twice as much energyAOUKXNAA
Flies give full energyYXUKXNAE
Enemies easier to killGXEILUSO
Higher JumpingEYSAUVEI
Faster PunchingAEUZITPA
Begin on Level 2ZAXAALAA
Begin on Level 3LAXAALAA
Begin on Level 4GAXAALAA
Begin on Level 5IAXAALAA
Begin on Level 6TAXAALAA
Begin on Level 7YAXAALAA
Begin on Level 8AAXAALAE
Begin on Level 9PAXAALAE
Begin on Level 10ZAXAALAE
Begin on Level 11LAXAALAE
Begin on Level 12GAXAALAE

Hint: Control dragon

To control the dragon in level 1, first defeat the tool worker and take the stick/sword from him. Use that sword to defeat hit dragon, then position yourself on the dragon and press A to ride it. Once oon the dragon, tap A to fly and press B to shoot fireballs.

Hint: Destroying the Roto Blaster

To destroy the Roto Blaster on the second stage in one hit, go up against the side until you turn into a ball, then press Attack.

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