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V-Rally 2 Expert Edition

Game Credits

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Mickaël Spotouch Vice President (Sports Label)
Arthur Houtman Director (Motorsport)
Olivier Aaffard Producer
Franck Giroudon Brand Manager (V-Rally)
Noël Kechichian Junior Producer
Fredéric Arche Junior Product Manager
Nadine Lesourd Operation Manager
Fabrice Gatti Licensing
Mathias Schneider Legal Affairs
Catherine Louvier Public Relations Coordinator
Marie Requien Public Relations Coordinator
Emmanuelle Tahmazian Artist
Patrick Chouzenoux Artist
Michel Megoz Artist
Sylvie Combet Artist
Sophie Wibaux Artist
Emmanuelle Perigault-Vigier Technical Consultant
Rebecka Pernered Technical Consultant
Olivier Robin Quality Assurance Manager
Emmanuelle Desmaris Qualitative Test Coordinator
Leïla Soui Qualitative Tester
Arnaud Roccon Qualitative Tester
Jean-Yves Lapasset Qualitative Tester
Nicolas Pacaut Qualitative Tester
Elise Beathelot Qualitative Tester
Jérôme Tullio Debugging Test Co-ordinator
Matthieu Flechaire Debugging Test Team Leader
Emmanuel Altur Debugging Test Tester
Adrien Balmelle Debugging Test Tester
Valérie Barranco Debugging Test Tester
Madjid Bellabes Debugging Test Tester
Agnés Burdin Debugging Test Tester
Bertrand Caballero Debugging Test Tester
Julien Cartier Debugging Test Tester
Damien Devaux Debugging Test Tester
Philippe Duhem Debugging Test Tester
Kim Er Debugging Test Tester
Véronique Legrand Debugging Test Tester
Arnaud Molin Debugging Test Tester
Jérémie Racamier Debugging Test Tester
Michael Saighi Debugging Test Tester
David Seigneret Debugging Test Tester
Stéphane Bonazza Production Team (Sony PlayStation/PSOne)
Estelle Magnin Production Team (Original)
Jean-Philippe Agati Thanks
Eric Mottet Thanks
Olivier Goulay Thanks
Pierre Vu Thanks
Yves Le Bihan Thanks
Hélène Persod Thanks
Laurence Dufour Thanks
Antoine Molant Thanks
Stéphane Pradier Thanks
Alex Sap Thanks
François Ribeiro Thanks
Fabrizia Pons Thanks
Hervé Panizzi Thanks
Manfred Hiemer Thanks
Fred Gallagher Thanks
Jean-Marc Vinatier Thanks
Alistair Bodin Thanks
Ari Vatanen Consultant
Telescope User Interface Artist (Sony PlayStation/PSOne)
Cyril Vieu User Interface Artist (Sony PlayStation/PSOne)
Patrick Loisel User Interface Artist (Sony PlayStation/PSOne)
Sin Music Performer (Noisy Pipes Lovely Noises)
Piggy Pie Additional Music
Rhapsody Additional Music
S.A.R.L. Additional Music
Fred Mentzen Additional Music
DigiMania Cinematics
Laurie McCulloch Executive Producer
Andrew Bradbury Lead Artist
Nikos Gatos 3D Artist
Lorna McCulloch 3D Artist
Simon Auchterlonie 3D Artist
Sam Assadian 3D Artist
Ian Brown 3D Artist
Sergio Caires 3D Artist

Eden Studios

Stéphane Baudet Studio Director
David Nadal Project Manager
Mickaël Pointer Lead Programmer
Yannick Geffroy Lead Programmer
Jean-Yves Geffroy Lead Programmer
Laurent Giroud Programmer
Sébastien Tixier Programmer (Sony PlayStation/PSOne)
Pierre-Arnaud Lambert Programmer (Sony PlayStation/PSOne)
Yannick Blanchot Environment Designer - Courses/Circuits
Philippe Doumeng Environment Designer - Courses/Circuits
Studio Etranges Libellules Environment Designer - Courses/Circuits (Sony PlayStation/PSOne)
Laurent Russo Art Director
Robert Foriel Artist (Cars)
Matthias Baillet Artist (Cars)
Vincent Joubert Lead Artist
Sébastien Mitton User Interface Artist
Minka Maasdam Producer
Virginie Balland Production Team
Emmanuel Dualio Production Team
Marc-Antoine Argenton Research and Development Manager
Sylvain Auard-Dumaine Game Tools Programmer
Thomas Colin Music
Manuel Lauvernier Music
Thomas Colin Sound Effects
Manuel Lauvernier Sound Effects
Frédéric Marchetti Qualitative Test Manager
Yannick Patet Qualitative Tester
Nicolas Rodet Qualitative Tester
Olivier Jean Qualitative Tester
Audi AG Special Thanks
Automobiles Citroën Special Thanks
Citroën Sport Special Thanks
Automobiles Peugeot Special Thanks
Peugeot Sport Special Thanks
Fiat Auto Special Thanks
Ford Motor Company Ltd Special Thanks
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd Special Thanks
Prodrive Ltd Special Thanks
Hyundai Motor Company Special Thanks
Hyundai MotorSport Developments Special Thanks
Michelin Special Thanks
Michelin North America Special Thanks
Mitsubishi Special Thanks
Ralliart Special Thanks
Motul Special Thanks
Nissan Motor Co. Ltd Special Thanks
Renault Special Thanks
Renault Sport Special Thanks
Seat, S.A. Special Thanks
Seat Sport Special Thanks
Skoda France Special Thanks
Skoda Motorsport Special Thanks
Toyota Motorsport GmbH Special Thanks
Vauxhall Motors Limited Special Thanks
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