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Monaco Grand Prix

Game Credits

This title is also known as:

Claude Farge Project Manager
Stephane Decroix Project Manager
Thomas Belmont Project Manager
Pierre Szalowski Executive Producer
Christophe Cavelan Game Designer
Brahim El Belquasmi Game Designer
Emmanuel Rougier Game Designer
Fabrice Cuny Game Designer
David Douillard Behaviour Designer (Cars)
Christophe Gandon Behaviour Designer (Cars)
Alain Bernhard 2D Artist
Marc Chevalier 2D Artist
Stephane Huguet 2D Artist
Arnaud Cremet 2D Artist
Helene Maurel 2D Artist
Bertrand Fanonnel 2D Artist
Bruno Serre 2D Artist
Cyril Masquilliere 2D Artist
Emmanuel Ville 2D Artist
Vincent Gaigneux 2D Artist
Olivier Conorton 3D Artist
Marc Pot 3D Artist
Christophe Faivre 3D Artist
Christophe Neverre 3D Artist
Michel Vibert 3D Artist
Renaud Person 3D Artist
Eric Prevost 3D Artist
Frederic Lefebvre 3D Artist
Sithik Tran 3D Artist
Julien Lirochon User Interface Integration
Lionel Bouchet Technical Project Manager
Sebastien Serrano Technical Project Manager
Fabien Fumeron Technical Project Manager
Sylvain Glaize Developer
Frederic Decreau Developer
Olivier Pesle Developer
Laurent Halter Developer
Francis Jentey Developer
Frank Delattre Developer
Jerome Liard Developer
Louis Choquel Developer
Jerome Hubert Developer
Benoit Javet Developer
Dominique Duvivier Developer
Stephane Lavergne Developer
Wilfred Mallet Developer
Olivier Munier Developer
Norbert Redon Developer
Ubi Studios Developer
Ubi R & D Developer
Michel Guillemot Developer
Sylvain Brunet Sound Production Manager
Joelle Caroline Production Assistant
Cedric Morel-Francoz Sound Programmer
Guillaume Billaux Sound Effects
Daniel Masson Music
Udo Niebergall Music
Eric Sneo Music
Markus Ball Music
Uda Niebergall Music
Eric Sneo Music
Markus Ball Music
Myriam Houee Post Production
Xavier Le Dantec Cinematics (Intro Scene - Final Sequences)
Guillaume Marcel Cinematics (Intro Scene - Final Sequences)
Olivier Bonenfant Cinematics (Intro Scene - Final Sequences)
Charles Beirnaert Cinematics (Intro Scene - Final Sequences)
Jerome Antona Test Manager
Nikola Milisavljevic Test Manager
Alain Bouliane Test Manager
Eric Trembal Test Manager
Daniel Germain Test Manager
Cedric Altes Test Manager
Canadian Team, The Test Manager
Eric Huynh Studio Manager (International)
Dominique Bordenave Studio Manager (International)
Cyril Derouineau Studio Manager (International)
Serge Hascoet Studio Manager (International)
Christine Chosson Studio Manager (International)
Alexis Nolent Studio Manager (International)
Fabien Fumeron Studio Manager (Local)
Gilles Vanwalleghem Studio Manager (Local)
Sandrine Maigret Studio Manager (Local)
Ahmed Boukhelifa Studio Manager (Local)
David Reizer Studio Manager (Local)
Ubi Production Producer
Gérard Guillemot Producer
Yves Guillemot Publisher
Aurélia Barth Marketing Assistant (International)
Ludi Factory Studio Artist
Bryn Williams Photographer
Captain Jack Music Performer
Udo Niebergall Music Licensing (MediaSpart Licensing Sponsoring)
Tomoko Matsuoka Special Thanks
Noboru Sato Special Thanks
Patrick Pligersdorffer Special Thanks
Xavier Guillbert Special Thanks
Ubi Soft Japan Special Thanks
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