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Officially announced on May 11th 2005 at at Nintendo's 2005 pre-Electronics Entertainment Expo press conference in Los Angeles, California, the "Revolution" was the codename Nintendo gave to their next generation system, the follow-up to their GameCube. Also referred to as the "GameCube Next", "N5" (Nintendo's fifth home console) and the "Nintendo 21", this system was eventually given the name "Wii" and released November 19th, 2006 across the Americas. The following information was written in 2005 regarding Project Revolution before its release...

Project Revolution is said to have been in the works ever since the announcement of the GameCube back in 2001. A large amount of money is said to have been invested in this project, and we're expecting to see some new characters and franchises to come with the release of the system as well.

The Revolution will be made backwards compatible with GameCube games through the same slot-loading disc drive. It will also be made backwards-compatible with Super NES/Super Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom games, though through emulation with games being available for download. Games made specifically for the Revolution are rumoured to be using new types of gameplay techniques (similar to ideas such as touch screens and voice recognition that were utilised in the Nintendo DS). Nintendo invested money into Gyration Inc. in return for the use of their motion-sensing technology, which indicates that we will perhaps be seeing games that are controlled in ways other than just pushing buttons.

Whilst Nintendo have stated they will not be including screens on the controllers of system itself, it is possible that the Revolution will wirelessly connect with the DS or GameBoy Evolution, much like Sony are doing with their PSP and PlayStation 3. The system will also contain Wi-Fi features upon release and DVD playback will be possible through an "internal upgrade". Unfortunately, though, Nintendo have said their system will not feature an in-built hard drive like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, nor will it have HD (High Definition) support. Nintendo of America's vice president of corporate affairs, Perrin Kaplan, stated that abstaining from this technology would help keep the cost of games down, however, many consumers are protesting against this decision and hoping that Nintendo will change their mind.

Nintendo has also confirmed that the Revolution will be available in multiple colours. It is likely to be released sometime in 2006.

Nintendo are said to be working on 2 different specs for this system. One will be chosen as the system to be released. Here are the rumoured specs for the systems. Note that these may not be 100% accurate and may be much different to what eventually gets released:

Nintendo Revolution Technical Specifications (#1)

Nintendo Revolution Technical Specifications (#2)

Platform: Nintendo Wii System Software.

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