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This system is also known as:

Family Game Entertainment System is a Nintendo Famicom clone that was available in Asia. It is made to look like a Famicom and even includes on-board storage for the 2 controllers (included with the system), however, the controller ports are the same type as on the Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Atari 2600 VCS, etc. The system also comes with a light gun which plugs into its own port at the front of the console between the 2 controller ports.

The system may have been made by Thin Chen Enterprise due to the Sachen game images featured on the side of the box (right).

The box also features images of other clone consoles, almost identical to this one, only with different names and varying colours. These others would have most likely been available in the same packaging. The names featured are:

Computer Video game (as shown above)

Family Video Game

Computer & Game

Dr. Super Game

When the system is powered on, a menu screen with the title "5 000 000 in 1". There are actually only 6 games built-in to the system; the other 4 999 994 games are just repeats of these same 6 games.

Some of the consoles were also imported into Australia and sold in bargain shops. They came equipped with a AC converter for Australian mains power outlets.

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom.

Built-in Software

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