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Level Select

Reset your console 13 times, then press Select. Choose the "Continue" option and press Left or Right to select a starting level and Start to begin the game at the selected level.

Sound Test

To access the sound test, hold the A and B button and turn on your console. The sound test can also be accessed by holding Start, Select, A and B at the "Game Over" screen. Release these buttons when the screen turns black.

Continue Game Play

After losing the game on level 11 or 12, highlight the "Continue" option on the title screen, press Down, then Up on controller 2, then press Start on controller 1. This can also be achieved by holding Up, A, B and Select at the title screen after losing the game on level 11 or 12. When the "Continue" option is highlightedm press Start.

Ship Power-up

For a ship power-up, hold A and B and press Start at the title screen. Then during the game, after you have collected 6 of the "6" power-ups, all objects will transform into extra lives.

Transform Ship

When the game begins, hold A, B, Select and Start to transform your ship.

Hidden Message

To view the hidden message, wait until the fairy stops moving during the ending sequence, then hold A and B on controllers 1 and 2.

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite LivesOXEENYVK
Begin the game with 9 livesPEEKOLLE
Begin the game with 6 livesTEEKOLLA
Begin the game with 1 lifePEEKOLLA
Begin the game with Straight CrusherPEOPAGAA
Begin the game with Field ShutterZEOPAGAA
Begin the game with the CircularLEOPAGAA
Begin the game with VibrationGEOPAGAA
Begin the game with the RewinderIEOPAGAA
Begin the game with the Plasma FlashTEOPAGAA
Begin the game with rapid fireYEOPAGAA
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