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Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

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Combine Good and Evil Characters in 1 Party

Compile a party of evil characters, then go to the maze and camp at the stairs and save the game. Start a new game with a party of characters with a good alignment. Go to the maze and search the stairs to find your evil characters there who will join your current password. Note that your party cannot exceed 6 characters at a time.

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Get more gold when selling daggers (enable the code after collecting daggers and saving the game. Disable the code after selling daggers and saving the game)PUGGSY
Experience points multiplyPZGGSY
Maximum gold and experience after 1 fight (Pool gold with another person, save game, then disable code)YYYTUY
Anointed Mace costs nothingAEVEIPAL
Long Sword costs nothingAAVEIPIZ
Short Sword costs nothingAEXEIPIP
Small Shield costs nothingAEVEIZAZ
Staff costs nothingAAVEIZAP
Dagger costs nothingAEXEIZIA
Robes costs nothingAAVEILIP
S of Pain costs nothingAEVEGYIA
S of Fire costs nothingAAXEKAIA
Body Armour costs nothingAEXEGYIP
Large Shield costs nothingAAXEILAG
Leather Armour costs nothingAEXEILAI
Chain Mail costs nothingAEVEILEP
Plate Mail costs nothingAAVEIGAI + AAVEGGYA
Breast Plate costs nothingAAXEGGZA
Helm costs nothingAEXEGGPA
S of Curing costs nothingAEVEGGIA
Rod of Iron costs nothingAAXEGTAL
Padded Leather costs nothingAEXEGTIP
Shiny Chain costs nothingAEVEGTIP
Sturdy Plate costs nothingAAXEGYIP
Iron Shield costs nothingAAVEGYIP
Gloves of Copper are freeAEVEKGAT
S of Glass costs nothingAAVEKLIP
Studly Staff costs nothingAAXEKPIZ
Blade of Biting costs nothingAEXEGIAI + AEXELIPA
S of Neutralizing costs nothingAAXEGILA
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