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Ultima: Warriors of Destiny

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Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite consumable items such as food and torchesSUSTXSVS
A night at the Wayfarer Inn costs nothingAAEZIPZL
Sulfurous ash costs nothing at Healer's HerbsAEUZPAPA
Ginseng costs nothing at Healer's HerbsAEUZGAZA
Garlic costs nothing at Healer's HerbsAEUZYAZA
An Tym Scroll costs nothing at Healer's HerbsAEUXIAGT
Spellbook costs nothing at Healer's HerbsAEKZAAVP
Spidersilk costs nothing at Healer's HerbsAEUXZAGA
Spidersilk costs nothing from PendraAEEXZAGA
Black Pearl costs nothing from PendraAEEZYALA
Garlic costs nothing from PendraAEEZGAZA
Ginseng costs nothing from PendraAEEZPAZA
Sant Talisman costs nothing from PendraAEEXIELG
Bow costs nothing at Iolo's BowsAAEXIELG
Wooden shield costs nothing at Iolo's BowsAAEXZEPP
Dagger costs nothing at Iolo's BowsAAEZGALA
Short sword costs nothing at Iolo's BowsAAEZYEAZ
Crossbow costs nothing at Iolo's BowsAAOZAAVP
Magic bow costs nothing at Iolo's BowsAAOZLAAZ + AAOZGALA
Arrow costs nothing at Iolo's BowsAAOZTAPA
Bolt costs nothing at Iolo's BowsAAOXPAZA
Sell Dagger for 2305 GP at Iolo's BowsPAOZAPAE
Sell Short sword for 2848 GP at Iolo's BowsLAOZLPAG
Sell Wooden shield for 3850 GP at Iolo's BowsYAOZTPAE
Start new game with 201 GP at Iolo's BowsAESXEZGA
Start new game with 4297 GP at Iolo's BowsAOSXEZGA
Start new game with 32 713 GP at Iolo's BowsYNSXEZGE
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