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Tetris 2

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Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Pressing Start won't pause gameAAVZVYEA
Reveal remaining pieces when pausedAVEXOYXZ
Speed does not increase in 1-player modeAAUEUSSO
Speed increases faster in 1-player modeVNUEUSSO
Start and stay at speed of 25 in 1-player modeTEXAKYPA
Max speed is 2 in 1-player modeZEKESSPP + PESAOSAP
Max speed is 10 in 1-player modeZEKESSPO + PESAOSAO
Max speed is 15 in 1-player modeYEKESSPO + TESAOSAO
Max speed is 20 in 1-player modeGOKESSPP + LOSAOSAP
Every round starts with 4 fixed blocks in 2-player modeOZNETPOU + PANEYPAA
Every round starts with 10 fixed blocks in 2-player modeOZNETPOU + YANEYPAA
Every round starts with 15 fixed blocks in 2-player modeOZNETPOU + GANEYPAE
Every round starts with 20 fixed blocks in 2-player modeOZNETPOU + PPNEYPAA

Bonus animations

Successfully complete levels 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 to see animation sequences.

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