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Swords And Serpents

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All Experience and Unlimited Life

Start a new game and create a new party. Save the game immediately after starting, then turn off the console. Turn the console back on again and enter the first 3 character codes and their names. Enter "life" as the fourth character's name and question marks as the fourth character's code and game code. 16 experience points and unlimited life will be given when the game is started.

Level Passwords

Level 1QJALS???4UNMR?
Level 29JATS???4XNMW?
Level 3UJACS???4VNRZ?
Level 4UJ9FS???4SNFX?
Level 73RSJS???ATUNF?
Level 10ENSJS???RQ3QHK
Level 10+UNSJS???RQ3K6?

Character Passwords

CharacterUpper LevelWith Ruby Items

Game Genie Codes

Some of these codes may only work when starting a new game using an "Existing Party", not when creating your own party.This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

No monster attacksOKITSO
1 hit killsPGGTST
Start with 30 health points eachTPXGNVZE + TPXKSVZE
Start with 50 health points eachZLXGNVZA + ZLXKSVZA
All characters have Scale ArmorVANGKTVE
Ajax starts with 30 StrengthTOXUINTE
Ajax starts with 50 StrengthZUXUINTA
Ajax starts with 30 IntelligenceTOXUTNZE
Ajax starts with 50 IntelligenceZUXUTNZA
Ajax starts with 30 AgilityTOXUYNLE
Ajax starts with 50 AgilityZUXUYNLA
Ajax starts with 30 HealthTOULANZE + TOUUGNZE
Ajax starts with 50 HealthZUULANZA + ZUUUGNZA
Ajax starts with the Great SwordUEEKSTOE
Ajax starts with the Great AxeKEEKSTOE or KEULLYOE
Ajax starts with the Death DaggerNOULLYOA
Ajax starts with Scale ArmourVEULGYVE
Iago starts with 30 StrengthTPNUYNPE
Iago starts with 50 StrengthZLNUYNPA
Iago starts with 30 IntelligenceTOELANIE
Iago starts with 50 IntelligenceZUELANIA
Iago starts with 30 AgilityTOELPNGE
Iago starts with 50 AgilityZUELPNGA
Iago starts with 30 HealthTOELZNZE + TOEUTNZE
Iago starts with 50 HealthZUELZNZA + ZUEUTNZA
Iago starts with 30 Spell PointsTOELLNIE + TOEUYNIE
Iago starts with 30 Spell PointsZUELLNIA + ZUEUYNIA
Iago starts with a Wizard's WandSEEGETSE or SEELIYSE
Iago starts with Death DaggerNOELIYSA
Iago starts with Scale ArmourVEELTYVE
Iago starts with 5 different spellsYOEULYLE
Iago starts with all spellsNNEULYLE + NNEUGYAE
Iago has stronger spellsYOEUGYAE
Erin starts with 30 StrengthTOKLGNAE
Erin starts with 50 StrengthZUKLGNAA
Erin starts with 30 IntelligenceTOKLINTE
Erin starts with 50 IntelligenceZUKLINTA
Erin starts with 30 AgilityTOKLTNLE
Erin starts with 50 AgilityZUKLTNLA
Erin starts with 30 HealthTOKLYNZE + TOSLLNZE
Erin starts with 50 HealthZUKLYNZA + ZUSLLNZA
Erin starts with 30 Spell PointsTOKUANYE + TOSLGNYE
Erin starts with 50 Spell PointsZUKUANYA + ZUSLGNYA
Erin starts with the Wizard’s WandSEKUZYSE
Erin starts with the Death DaggerNOKUZYSA
Erin starts with the Scale ArmourVEKULYVE
Erin starts with 5 different spellsYOSLAYLE
Erin starts with all spellsNNSLAYLE + NNSLPYAE
Erin has stronger spellsYOSLPYAE
All magicians start with more spellsYPKGSTLE
All magicians have stronger spellsLAKKXTAA
Spells use up no magic pointsGZKYLGOY
Mask starts with 30 StrengthTOOLTNLE
Mask starts with 50 StrengthZUOLTNLA
Mask starts with 30 IntelligenceTOOLYNPE
Mask starts with 50 IntelligenceZUOLYNPA
Mask starts with 30 AgilityTOOUANIE
Mask starts with 50 AgilityZUOUANIA
Mask starts with 30 HealthTOOUPNZE + TOXLINZE
Mask starts with 50 HealthZUOUPNZA + ZUXLINZA
Mask starts with a Long SwordXEOGVTXE or XEOUGYXE
Mask starts with the Death DaggerNOOUGYXA
Mask starts with Scale ArmourVEOUIYVE
Mask starts with an AxeKEOGVTXA
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