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Super Pitfall

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Continue Game Play

To continue playing after the game ends, press A, A, A, Select then Select when the title screen re-appears. The pointer will move below the two player option to if this code has been entered correctly. Press Start to resume game play at the least level played. If you want to continue playing the game on the last level after successfully completing the game, press Select, A, A, A, Select then Start at the "Congratulations" screen.

Higher Jumping

To jump higher, press A to jump, then press A again in mid-air.

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite Lives in 1-player gameSZKSASVK
Infinite Lives for Player 1 in 2-player gameSXESTSVK
Infinite Lives for Player 2 in 2-player gameSXXSZSVK
Both players begin the game with 9 livesPAVIPALE
Both players begin the game with 6 livesTAVIPALA
Both players begin the game with 1 lifePAVIPALA
Begin the game with 30 bulletsLEXKNYZA
Begin the game with 10 bulletsPEXKNYZA
Infinite bulletsAEOYILPA
30 bullets on pick-upLENLELZA
10 bullets on pick-upPENLELZA

Hint: Pass through walls

To pass through a wall, walk towards it and hold the Directional Pad in the direction of the wall so that Harry keeps pushing against it. You may need to continue holding the Directional Pad for as long as three minutes before he begins to move into the wall. Once he does, he will move a little, then stop for a while before continuing. This trick will only work when there are other moving objects on the screen like snakes, frogs, spiders, etc. The more moving objects on the screen, the faster Harry will move. If you cannot get this to work at first, move back in the opposite direction, then try again. This trick can be used to take shortcuts, reach places without a key or access hidden areas. You can also move to the top of the maze by pressing a button while Harry is in a wall.

Hint: Get above the levels

To get above the levels, find the pools of water at the bottom of a level and move as far left as possible to the left of the balloon. Use the vine to swing up to the lowest level on the left, then go up one level from there. You will see a spider crawling back and forth. Push yourself into the wall on the left (using the "Pass through walls" trick) until you are in far enough to be able to travel up when you jump. Continue going up until you are up above the game's levels. Once there, you can find invisible ladders, pools of water, platforms and other objects. All this is not visible until you find the spot(s) that can kill you. Only then will you be able see your location. Everything that is found in the game is all packed in one area. If you go up from here, you will end up at the bottom of the levels of the game.

Hint: Shortcut to the balloon

For a shortcut to the balloon, get to the left side of the ladder that leads to the balloon. Once in the pool of water, keep pushing left (using the "Pass through walls" trick) towards the ladder until you are completely inside the wall or ladder. Press Down until you are standing in order to climb the ladder.

Hint: Access levels without keys or other objects

To access levels without needing a key or other object, find the pool of water with a hole. Go halfway through the hole and try to push yourself into its walls (using the "Pass through walls" trick). Once in the wall, hold Down to arrive at the levels.

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