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Spy Hunter

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10 Additional Cars

For 10 additional cars, press Right, Select and Start at the title screen. In the game, allow the timer to reach zero without crashing to receive 10 cars.

All Weapons

For all weapons, hold A, B and Select, then press Start at the title screen.

8 Additional Cars and All Weapons

For 8 additional cars and all weapons, hold Right, Select, A and B and press Start at the title screen. In the game allow the timer to reach zero without crashing to receive 8 cars and all weapons.

Drive Off-Road

As soon as your car exits the equipment van, quickly move to the right of the screen and your car will drive off-road and over water, etc., until the road widens. You will avoid all enemies apart from the helicopter.

Pause Game Play

To pause the game, press A on controller 2.

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite LivesSXKAYOVK
Infinite MissilesSZKUANVK
Infinite SmokeVXELTVSE
Keep special weaponsGXSAKUSE + GXSANUSE
Start with 2 extra livesZEEXKIAA
Start with 6 extra livesTEEXKIAA
Double missiles on pick-upTEEXLILA
Slower timerYAEZNIYE

Hint: Extra life

Gain at least 10 000 points before time runs out for an extra life.

Hint: Avoid obstacles

Find the dirt road at the start of level 1 and drive directly forward on that road to avoid all obstacles.

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