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Game 2, New York Rangers vs. QuebecC80R6X VRDZ96 8JW8D1 L8NRG5
Game 3, New York Rangers vs. BostonC4056X VMDZ93 8JWCX1 J9JXHB
Game 4, New York Rangers vs. WashingtonCD051Z BMDZ93 9STCX1 K9858W
Game 5, New York Rangers vs. BuffaloWCFGPB 5JD16K 6LS!FN B664NJ
Game 6, New York Rangers vs. PittsburghW7FGPB 5JB16N LJ25DT 76JL58
Super Cup vs. BostonWHFGPB 5JB16X GM?CF7 06HKPZ

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Player 1 goals worth 2ZESUZYPA
Player 1 goals worth 3LESUZYPA
Player 1 goals worth 4GESUZYPA
Player 1 goals worth 5IESUZYPA
Player 1 goals worth 6TESUZYPA
Player 1 goals worth 7YESUZYPA
Player 1 goals worth 8AESUZYPE
Player 2 goals worth 2ZENLZYPA
Player 2 goals worth 3LENLZYPA
Player 2 goals worth 4GENLZYPA
Player 2 goals worth 5IENLZYPA
Player 2 goals worth 6TENLZYPA
Player 2 goals worth 7YENLZYPA
Player 2 goals worth 8AENLZYPE
Player 1 starts with 1 pointVVNPTOSE
Player 1 starts with 2 pointsZENPIPAA + VVNOZPNT
Player 1 starts with 4 pointsGENPIPAA + VVNOZPNT
Player 1 starts with 6 pointsTENPIPAA + VVNOZPNT
Player 1 starts with 8 pointsAENPIPAE + VVNOZPNT
Player 1 starts with 10 pointsZENPIPAE + VVNOZPNT
Player 2 starts with 1 pointVVNOPOSE
Player 2 starts with 2 pointsZENPIPAA + NVNPYPVT
Player 2 starts with 4 pointsGENPIPAA + NVNPYPVT
Player 2 starts with 6 pointsTENPIPAA + NVNPYPVT
Player 2 starts with 8 pointsAENPIPAE + NVNPYPVT
Player 2 starts with 10 pointsZENPIPAE + NVNPYPVT
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