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Mendel Palace

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Bonus Levels

Hold Select and Start before powering on the console and keep these buttons held when you turn on the console to gain access to bonus levels.

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite LivesSLSIXXVS
Start with 1 lifeAAVZLPZA
Start with 5 livesIAVZLPZA
Start with 9 livesAAVZLPZE
Player 1 starts with more livesKEXLXKSE
Player 2 starts with more livesKEXLSKSE
Player 1 gains player 2's speed-upsSZUIOOSU + VTUSEOVN
Pick up more starsIEXIAIPA

Hint: Extra lives

To earn a bonus life, use a single flip to throw the ballerinas into the wall while they are spinning on their toes.

Hint: Resist magic transformation

To pass through the tenth room of a house without worrying about the magic transformation, play the game with two players. Keep both players from losing a life and the magic will have no effect on player 2.

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