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Knight Rider

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Level Select

Hold A and B and press Reset. Release both buttons, and then choose the "Mission" or "Drive" option. Press Up or Down when Devon appears to select the starting level. Press Start to begin the game at the selected level.

Boss Battle and Weapon Select

Press Start to pause the game, then hold Diagonal Up/Left, A and B and press Select to change weapons. Press Start to resume game play at the Boss of the current level.

View ending sequence

To view the ending sequence, hold Select and reset the console.

Hidden Message

To view a hidden message hold Select and Start and turn on the console.

Super Car

Successfully complete all levels in Driving Mode at least 3 times. After returning to the menu screen, select "Mission Mode" and your car will be equipped with missiles, lasers, full engine speed, and other bonuses.



Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Begin the game with 6 livesIANKOAZA + VTNKSESE
Begin the game with 1 lifeAANKOAZA + VTNKSESE
Infinite shieldSZXSYTSA
Infinite missilesSZEXUNVK
Infinite laserGXXZSVVK
Begin the game with 99 missilesSZKZYOSU + LYKXAOTT
Begin the game with 99 lasersSZSZLOSU + PYSZGPGN
Begin the game with full gasolineSZUZAOSU + ATUZPPTV
Begin the game with full shieldSZUXGOSU + ITUXIOZV
Start with 9 lives after continueAEVALAZE
Start with 6 lives after continueIEVALAZA
Start with 1 life after continueAEVALAZA

Hint: More time

After the timer expires, continuously press Turbo to keep moving. If you have enough turbo and keep your speed over 0 mph, you may be able to reach a Boss and continue the game.

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