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Additional Levels

Enter FbgJ IYAX or GdBM IABg as your password to play additional levels.

Sound Test

Hold A and B on controller 2 at the title screen and press Reset. The sound test will now be available. Press A or B to select a sound and Up, Down, Left, or Right to play them.

Special Game

To access a special game, hold Select and turn on the console. Press Up on controller 2 after the screen turns white.

Preview First Boss

Hold Down on controller 1 and turn on the console. Press Up on controller 2 after the screen turns white to view the first boss.

Kid Niki

To see Kid Niki, hold A on controller 2 at title screen until Kid Niki appears.

Level Passwords

Level 1HmnM LhBg
Level 2HPTZ hNDJ
Level 3JnCn hvcb
Level 4JQVP LrCH
Level 5KqGT hhCC
Level 6KRdv LNDV
Level 7LrFs LLCb
Level 8LSXq hfDG
Level 9Mtld hLCZ
Level 10NBqb nQCZ
Level 11NBqh hVCh
Level 12NVQK Lrcm
Level 13PChg nQCZ
Level 15QDgf nQCZ
Level 16QXJC LfCB
Level 17RZJH nnBg
Level 20NIEh VLBK
Level 25RXSh KKCB
Level 30TJBY EGCe

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite LivesSXEAATVG
Freeze timerSXNGSVVK
Faster timerYENKXVZA
Slower timerYENKXVZE
Begin the game on land 2GZKATXSE + GZUISOSE + PAUIOPAA
Begin the game on land 3GZKATXSE + GZUISOSE + ZAUIOPAA
Begin the game on land 4GZKATXSE + GZUISOSE + LAUIOPAA

Hint: Self Destruct

Press Select during the game to end the current game if you become stuck.

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