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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

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Level Passwords

Quest 1, Level 26369N5XG6
Quest 1, Level 33ZD39R5X9
Quest 1, Level 49ZD3ZN0XF
Quest 1, Level 55369N5VG2
Quest 1, Level 65ZZD39NX1
Quest 1, EndDRR3JOV8C
Quest 2, Level 1ZND39N5XF
Quest 2, Level 2PXHNDXGZ8
Quest 2, Level 33NRDZN5X1
Quest 2, Level 45XHPPXNZD
Quest 2, Level 5VVNBBJV83
Quest 2, Level 6GXSPN5XZ8
Quest 2, EndDRR3JOV8C
Quest 3, Level 13R69N5XGG
Quest 3, Level 2BHNJHVD8H
Quest 3, Level 3JHR0HVD8H
Quest 3, Level 45DS5ZNGZD
Quest 3, Level 5NGZ9X99XF
Quest 3, Level 6XR369N5G2
Quest 3, EndDRR3JOV8C

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite EnergyOLNTYKOO
Gain maximum energy on pick-upAAUEPPLA
More energy for DukeGOUTKSIA
More energy for BlizzardGOUTSSGA
More energy for Snake EyesGOUTVSZA
More energy for Captain Grid-IronGOUTNSLA
More energy for Rock & RollGOUVESPA
Less energy for DukeTEUTKSIA
Less energy for BlizzardTEUTSSGA
Less energy for Snake EyesIEUTVSZA
Less energy for Captain Grid-IronIEUTNSLA
Less energy for Rock & RollGEUVESPA
Invincibility lasts longerNYNVIKAN
Invincibility lasts less timeALNVIKAY
Freeze timerAENATLPA
Duke jumps higherAXNVKIYP
Blizzard jumps higherAXNVSIZP
Snake Eyes jumps higherAXNVVSGP
Captain Grid-Iron jumps higherAXNVNIGP
Rock & Roll jumps higherAZETETAP

Hint: Defeating Cobra Commander

To defeat Cobra Commander, use Grid Iron or Rock 'n Roll, jump over the holes in the floor, and attack Cobra Commander in the face. When low on energy, change control to General Hawk, then fly to the top of the screen and attack.

Hint: Ammunition

Snake-Eyes' profile states that he prefers his Jitsu powers, and his Katana sword. This means that he does not use the ammunition that the Joes use, therefore he has unlimited ammo. Snake-Eyes is also the best jumper in the game apart from General Hawk.

Hint: Jumping stats

General Hawk99 (Jetpack)
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