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Friday The 13th

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Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite ChildrenSZSLUEVK + IYKLSEAY
Start with 55 ChildrenIEVANTPA + YUNESVYA
Infinite Energy for active counsellorOTEIVISV
Vitamins heal active counsellor betterZZOUAGTE
Vitamins heal others betterAZEVXLGE
Higher JumpingGAEUZIAE

Hint: Avoid wolves while in the woods

The wolves will only appear after all of the zombies are gone. To avoid wolves, just leave one zombie alive while you are in the woods. Allow it to follow you until you reach the path you want to take. Repeat this trick when more zombies appear. Note that if Jason attacks in the woods, all of the zombies will disappear, making it likely that a wolf will appear soon afterwards.

Hint: Getting the torch

It is possible to get the torch on the first day of wandering around Camp Crystal Lake. To do so, use Mark as your character and wander around the camp for a while, collecting potions and lighting all of the fireplaces. In one of the cabins of the campsite, you should find a letter saying "You will find a torch in one of the cabins by the lake". Once you find that letter, go into the trail that circles the lake and look in one of the two big cabins. There you will find the torch.

Hint: Getting the machete

While not as powerful as the torch, the machete can also be used to inflict a lot of damage on your enemies. To find it, select Mark and roaming around until you get a key. Once you have the key, go into the cave, then go left just two land bridges over. Look at the background in the rocks. You should one rock that looks a little crumbled and stands out from the rest. Go over to that rock and press Up. You will reach a door. Go through this door and defeat Jason's mother to receive the machete.

Hint: Getting the sweater

There is a sweater you can retrieve on the second day that will boost your defence against attacks. To get it, you must defeat Jason's mother in the cave a second time. This time she will not be as easy to defeat. Try using the torch.

Hint: Getting the pitchfork

To receive the pitchfork, defeat Jason's mother for a third time after you have already knocked out Jason twice. She will be more difficult to defeat than ever. Try using the torch against her.

Hint: Weapons

The torch and the pitchfork are the most powerful weapons in the game. The pitchfork is useful during the third night. You can easily defeat three zombies with one shot and can rapidly shoot these weapons. However, after visiting the cabin in the woods, you will find a note telling you that fire is the best way to defeat Jason. This is true as it does work better against him, but it is a slow weapon to use.

Glitch: Invincible Jason

On the first day after getting the torch, go to woods looking for Jason. Ensure you have ten bottles of medicine and the torch. Go down a trail and stand directly over a trail that is going down. Keep hitting Jason with the torch until he dies and starts to disappear. As soon as he begins to disappear, go down the trail and the day will not finish. Jason will have full strength the next time he is encountered and will not lose any power when hit by the torch.

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