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Game Genie Codes

These codes will only work if a new game is started.

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

King will give 255 goldNYUOYPZU
Begin the game with more strength and/or attack powerTVUGZYE
Begin the game with even more strength and/or attack powerVYVUGZYE
Begin the game with more agility and/or defenceLTNLPZIA
Begin the game with even more agility and/or defenceNYNLPZIE
Begin the game with more vitality and/or hit pointsLTNLTZYA
Begin the game with even more vitality and/or hit pointsNYNLTZYE
Begin the game with more magic, maximum magic points and/or intelligenceLTNULZTA
Begin the game with even more magic, maximum magic points and/or intelligenceNYNULZTE
Begin the game with more luckZVELAZGA
Begin the game with even more luckVNELAZGE
Begin the game with 6 Battle-axesIAOZENNY
Begin the game with 6 BroadswordsTAOZENNY
Begin the game with 6 Wizard's WandsYAOZENNY
Begin the game with 6 Demon's AxesYAOZENNN
Begin the game with 6 Multi-edge SwordsGPOZENNY
Begin the game with 6 Staffs of ForceIPOZENNY
Begin the game with 6 Swords of IllusionTPOZENNY
Begin the game with 6 Falcon SwordsAPOZENNN
Begin the game with 6 Armours of RadianceAZOZENNN
Wizard starts with more strength and/or attack powerLTVUIZPA
Wizard starts with even more increased strength and/or attack powerVYVUIZPE
Wizard starts with more agility and/or defenceZTNLZZGA
Wizard starts with even more agility and/or defenceNYNLZZGE
Wizard starts with more vitality and/or maximum hit pointsTNLYZZA
Wizard starts with even more vitality and/or maximum hit pointsOPNLYZZE
Wizard starts with more magic, intelligence and/or maximum magicLTNUGXPA
Wizard starts with more luckLVELPZZA
Wizard starts with even more luckVNELPZZE
Pilgrim starts with more strength and/or attack powerZTVUTZLA
Pilgrim starts with even more strength and/or attack powerVYVUTZLE
Pilgrim starts with more agility and/or defenceZTNLLZGA
Pilgrim starts with more vitality and/or maximum hit pointsLTNUAZLA
Pilgrim starts with even more vitality and/or maximum hit pointsVYNUAZLE
Pilgrim starts with more magic and/or intelligenceLTNUIXAA
Pilgrim starts with even more magic and/or intelligenceVYNUIXAE
Pilgrim starts with more luckZVELZZLA
Pilgrim starts with even more luckVNELZZLE
Soldier starts with more strength and/or attack powerLTNLAXPA
Soldier starts with even more strength and/or attack powerVYNLAXPE
Soldier starts with more agility and/or defenceZTNLIZZA
Soldier starts with more vitality and/or maximum hit pointsLTNUZZYA

Hint: Unlimited money

To get as much money as you like, leave the castle and travel to the "Adventurer's Hall of Registration". Create a list of soldiers, then go downstairs to the "Eatery". Enlist three of the soldiers, sell their equipment, then remove them from your party to collect 400 gold. Repeat as many times as you like.

Hint: Start with eight combat spells

To start with eight combat spells, immediately visit the King in Aliahan when you start the game. Create characters in the town until prompted to remove one. Leave the town and you will lose all gold, but gain eight combat spells.

Hint: More Sages

There are two Zen Scroll Books in every game, but you do not necessarily need the book to create a Sage. When you get stronger, change one of your characters into a jester, then train the jester to level 20 and bring him to the Dharma Temple. The Sage option is automatically available for any jester at level 20. It is possible to have more than one Sage per game.

Hint: Get almost all spells

To get almost all spells, frequently change characters to different classes and fight around Gondo to level up. For example, change to Dealer, then Thief, then Jester, then Sage.

Hint: Easy experience

To get a high amount of experience, get the Blade Armour then go into Gonga's castle. Move around and try to encounter a Metabble. Attack the Metabble while you only have one or two characters on your team. When the Metabble hits the character holding the Blade Armour once, it will always get hit back for half the damage plus one.

Another way to increase experience is to have any character equipped with at least one heal spell and the Wreck Whip. If the character is female, also equip the Light Dress. Warp to Rimuldar and walk to Zoma's Castle. You should fight with one person. Each fight will result in 6000 to 19 999 experience points.

You can also gain experience by first choosing any character to go to the Pachisi track in Kol, then fighting monsters. Sometimes when you fight some monsters and get the experience points, you will go to level 99. This is known to work with a Hero, a Sage, and a Fighter.

Each of the following methods of quick levels require a Spell Caster (Mage, Cleric, Sage, or character with the corresponding spell from a previous class) with a lot of agility so as to get the first strike in a battle. It is also recommended (if you have defeated Baramos) that you go to the area outside of Rimudlar in the Dark World. If you have not defeated Baramos, then Gondo Castle will work as well. Go to the area outside Rimudlar with a spell caster that has the BeDragon spell and anywhere from two to four party members. Walk until you fight a Metable (hopefully a large group of them with three to five individuals). Immediately cast BeDragon. On the second round of battle, the spell caster that is in dragon form will breathe fire. Any Metables that are on the screen when this happens will receive 90 to 110 damage (their maximum HP are only 6). You will receive approximately 40 000 experience for each one you defeat, split amongst your party members. Another way to defeat Metabbles easily is to cast Chance immediately. This will often cause the Metables to explode or have one of the other possible instant kill effects that Chance has.

Hint: Defeating Mettables

To defeat a Mettable faster than with the Blade Armour, just have a two Sages or Mages with a lot of speed in your party. Make sure they have the BeDragon spell. Cast the spell at the beginning of the battle around Rimuldar area and you should get into contact with at least six of them. Cast BeDragon and have the attacker breathe fire (Note: you cannot control the Dragon). It should inflict about 90 to 120 HP of damage, earning you about over 30 000 experience points.

Hint: Divinegon's wishes

After defeating Zoma in the Underworld and earning the title of Loto, there will be a light beam at the Dragon Queen's castle that warps you to Sky World. You should eventually reach Zenith, which resembles the queen's throne room from Isis. Once down the stairs and out the door, you will enter a tower. This is the Sky Tower of Divinegon, the most difficult boss in the game. When you defeat him, he will grant you one of four wishes. He will then leave you, and the wish will come true. However, if return he will still be there. Defeat him again and you can get another wish. This time however, you have to defeat him in a certain number of turns, which makes things more difficult. If you are able to do this, any surviving party members will get 16 666 experience points.

Hint: Books Of Satori

For the Books of Satori, randomly defeat the Blue Beaks. They can be found directly east of the Shoals.

Hint: Hero Shield

When you defeat Zoma and are tossed up to the fault line, the treasures you find will contain Mimics and finally the Hero Shield.

Hint: King's Sword

For the King's Sword, head to the Domadora and then to the stable. Search the grass next to some horses and find the Oricon. This item can never be obtained again. Take the Oricon to Kol and talk to the lady who says her husband makes swords. Go inside the shop and talk to one of the people. One of them will take your Oricon and make the King's Sword.

Hint: Zenith

For Zenith, defeat Zoma and you will be given the title of Loto. You should be at least level 45 to proceed. Go to the Queen Dragon's Castle and head all the way to the north where the elf is located, then stand in the beam.

Hint: Monster Medals

Monster Medals come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold (in that order). In order to get a Silver Medal, you must have a Bronze. To get a Gold, you must have the Silver. It takes time to get all of the medals. Defeat the monster with the medal you are aiming for last.

Hint: Second Zen Scroll

A second Zen Scroll is located in a house at Rimuldar, when you reach it later in the game. Look in the dresser in the house north-west of the Blacksmith Shop in Rimulder in Alfgard to find it.

Hint: Suit changes

Some armour changes the appearance of your characters. For example, the common Plush Suit that adds 35 to your defence will change your character into a squirrel. If you have a female in your party and you get a Magic Swimsuit from a Merking in Alegard, that character will appear with the swimsuit on.

Hint: Better characters

When you are forming your allies, do not get the ones that are pre-made for you. Instead, go upstairs and make a warrior, a mage, and a cleric. For the warrior, use three Str seeds and two Vit seeds. For the Mage, use three Int seeds and two Str seeds. For the cleric, use three Wis seeds and use two Int seeds to increase your mana.

Hint: Orb Locations

RedHouse of Pirates
YellowNew Town
BlueNavel of Earth
SilverShrine of Necrogond
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