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Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Take no damage from barriersAAKKEVYA
Barriers cause half damageYAKKEVYA
Take no damage when in swampAEVGUIZA
Infinite Magic PowerSXOIVLSA
Start with 256 gold coinsVVOYYTSA
85 gold coins from defeating SlimesLTSPXTZA
200 gold coins from defeating SlimesNYSPXTZE
85 gold coins from defeating Red SlimesLTVPXTLA
200 gold coins from defeating RedSlimesNYVPXTLE
85 gold coins from defeating DrakeesLTNPXTLA
200 gold coins from defeating DrakeesNYNPXTLE
All spells use one magic pointVKOIVLSA
Advance to level 2 after first battlePASNILYA
Advance to level 3 after first battleAASNILYA + PASNYLYP
Advance to level 4 after first battleAASNILYA + AASNYLYP + PAVYPUYZ
60 experience point from defeating SlimesGLSPOTPE
125 experience point from defeating SlimesIYSPOTPE
255 experience point from defeating SlimesNYSPOTPE
60 experience point from defeating Red SlimesGLVPOTPE
125 experience point from defeating Red SlimesIYVPOTPE
255 experience point from defeating Red SlimesNYVPOTPE
60 experience point from defeating DrakeesGLNPOTZE
125 experience point from defeating DrakeesIYNPOTZE
255 experience point from defeating DrakeesNYNPOTZE
Bamboo Poles cost nothingAAKPNOZA
Clubs cost nothingAAKOOOGL
Copper Swords cost nothingAAKOUPKL
Hand Axes cost nothingAAKOVPZA
Leather Armour cost nothingAASPNPTG
Half Plates cost nothingAASOKPLA + AASOUOET
Small Shields cost nothingAAVPUOZI
Silver Shields cost nothingAAVOEOPL + AAVPNPEI
Bamboo Poles cost nothingAASPEPIA + AAKONOKI
Broad Swords cost 220 goldAASPEPIA
Herbs cost nothingAAVOOOAP
Torches cost nothingAAVOSOAA
Dragon's Scale costs nothingAANPUPGP
Armour and weapons cost 4 goldTEOPNPAA + IEOOXPYE
Erdrick's Sword costs 2 goldTEOPNPAA
Erdrick's Armour costs 2 goldIEOOXPYE
Flame Swords cost 220 goldAASPXPTZ
Chain Mail costs 44 goldAASOXPPA
Half Plates cost 232 goldAASOKPLA
Full Plates cost 184 goldAASOVOLA
Magic Armour costs 20 goldAAVPEOTP
Large Shields cost 32 goldAAVPVPLA
Silver Shields cost 208 goldAAVOEOPL

Unlimited money

Defeat the Golem and collect $1000, but do not enter the city he was guarding. Instead, return to the king and save the game. Reset the game, then return to the Golem and defeat it again. Save and repeat as many times as you like to receive $1000 each time.

Unlimited items

Explore a dungeon and collect the items within. Leave the dungeon, then re-enter to find all previously collected items are back in their original locations. Do this as many times as you like.

Hint: Easy experience

After going to the ghost town of Hauksness, head to the east side where there is a single tree in the back of a shop. Go there and you will fight the Axe Knight that guards Erdrick's Armour. If you defeat him, you will gain 54 experience points and 134 gold. You can fight him every time you return to the location where you originally encountered him.

To level up quicker, get to a reasonable level (about 6 to 8) and go to the mountains to the south-west of Tantagel. There are difficult enemies in the very last row of the mountains. Go left and right and Magidrakees (who know the Hurt spell), Magicians (who know the Hurt spell), Scorpions, and occasionally Ghosts will appear. Be prepared with appropriate equipment and levels to survive (use Heal frequently).

Hint: Free health

Get the heal spell, then talk to the man behind the desk in Tantagel. He will restore your magic so you can use the heal spell again to restore your health. Repeat this until your HP is full. The man will restore your magic every time you speak to him.

Hint: Building stats

The name that you give to your character will be cut down to four letters, for example, "michael" would be cut down to "mich". Depending on the final four letters, the stats you get at the start of the game will be affected as will the stats you receive after levelling up. For example, entering "heal" subtracts 1 from each stat, while "hurt" raises the stats by 1. "hero" lowers the stats to unbearable lows and "evil" raises them to incredible heights for level 1. Make your own four letter words and see what happens.

Hint: Restored magic points

To restore you magic, enter central castle in Tantegel and speak to the man sitting at the desk on the right side of the screen.

Hint: Getting multiple treasures

When you find a treasure that contains money, cursed items, torches, etc., you can retrieve it again by leaving wherever you got the items and returning to get it again. Note that this does not work for rare items such as The Staff of Rain.

Hint: Send Golem to sleep

To send the Golem to sleep, use the flute.

Hint: Saving Princess Gwaelin

To save Princess Gwaelin, go left along the grass path from Tantegel Castle, then go up, then right to where cross a bridge. Keep going to the right until you meet a mountain, then go down, then right to cross another bridge. Keep going right, then down to a swamp. Go right again until you reach a cave entrance. The cave is dark and contains a dragon. Before you enter, make sure your experience is high. Unlock the door with a key, go to the Princess, and you will be carrying her. Retrace these steps to return to the castle, or use the Wings item or Return spell. Princess Gwaelin will remain on the opposite side of King Lorik and she will reward you with an item called Gwaelin's Love. This item allows you to talk with Gwaelin any time and anywhere. She will tell you how much experience you will need to go to the next level, and inform you of your position from Tantegel Castle.

Hint: Death Necklace

To get the Death Necklace, go into the cave near Tantagel, get the treasure chest with 100+ gold, then exit. Do this approximately five to ten times and you will receive the Death Necklace from the chest. You can only get the Death Necklace once per new quest. It can be sold at the Tool Shop for 1200 gold if you are not wearing it. The Death Necklace will curse your character. To take it off, visit the man in the town next to Rimuldar Castle, who will take it.

Hint: Erdrick's Armour

To get Erdrick's Armour, go to the ghost town of Hauksness and find the abandoned shop on the east side. At the back of the shop is a tree. If you go to it, you will fight the Axe Knight. After defeating him, press A and select "Search". You will get Erdrick's Armour, which makes you invincible to swampy and electric ground.

Hint: Erdrick's Token

To get Erdrick's Token, use the Gwaelin's Love item and the princess will tell you how far north/south and west/east you are from Tantegel Castle. Wander around until she says "From where thou art now, my castle lies... 70 to the north and... 40 to the west". When you reach this position in the swamp, press A and select "Search". Note: An old man in Castle Town reveals the position of 70 to the south and 40 to the east.

Hint: Fairy Flute

To find the Fairy Flute, take four steps from a bath in the town of Kol, then press A and select "Search".

Hint: Silver Harp

To get the Silver Harp, enter the large building in the town of Garwinham. Go against the spot in the darkness and you will go through with an old man and a staircase. Go down the staircase to find the Silver Harp.

Hint: Staff Of Rain

To get the Staff of Rain, first you must get the Silver Harp, Then, go slightly left from the town of Kol, then go up. You should see a path of trees. Follow them and go to the staircase that you will find. An old man will take the Silver Harp, leaving you with the Staff Of Rain.

Hint: Silver Shield and Flame Sword

Kill the Golem, then move down and right to find a locked door. Pass through the door to find a guard that is selling a Silver Shield and Flame Sword.

Hint: Cheapest keys

The cheapest location to buy keys is in the town of Rimuldar.

Hint: Cheapest Inn

The cheapest way to recover your magic and health is in the town next to Tantgel Castle (Brecconary).

Hint: Getting past character blocks

Sometimes in the game, characters will block your way, preventing you from passing (for example, in the beginning the knight blocks the hall to the door in King Lorik's throne room). Try talking to the character. If you move back, they will sometimes move aside.

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