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Location Select

During game play, hold A and B on controller 1 and press A on controller 2 to go to a new location. Continue pressing A to scroll through the different locations you can jump to.

Getting past path blockages

If there is a person blocking your path, stand next to the person and hold A and walk into him/her twice to get though the messages that appear. Now walk in the opposite direction to the person. Continue this process until you can push past the person.

Pause the game

To pause the game, press B on controller 2.

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Start with goldVVOGUOSE
First pupil will give more goldNYVSPZGV
Destroy monsters (except bosses) with one hitYNZAUN
Able to walk through monstersPSZAUN
Immune to poisonAASVVNYA
Immune to paralysisAEKTSNYA
Able to attack from longer distanceNYUKYU
Magic does not use MPSXNOVXSE
Stronger poisonTEOTVYGA
Weaker poisonZEOTVYGA
Boarding at Inn is freeSZUOIVSE + SZKPLVSE
Items in shops are freeSXVPUOSE + SXVOOOSE

Hint: Stuck in last tower

If the game is saved in the final tower, you will not be allowed to leave.

Hint: Building experience and money

Build your money in the first level, then build your experience to go up to a level. Find the cave with the little dragons on the town Leaf. This is the best place to build up experience and money.

Hint: Cheap items

Return to Leaf at any time to buy items cheaply.

Hint: Fly with the dolphin

Once you can use the dolphin, (near the third wise man), you can fly when at the first island made accessible after getting the boat. Locate the part of the island that juts out on the left side. Use the dolphin, run into that part of the island, and jump as you hit it to fly. Note: Go up the waterfall to find the Barrier spell behind the whirlpool.

Hint: Finding Blizzard Bracelet

To find the Blizzard Bracelet, go to the river to the east of Brynmaer after first obtaining the Sword Of Water and Ball Of Ice. Create an ice bridge over the river, then go south to the Amazon village and paralyze the guard at Aryllis's Chamber. Enter the chamber and avoid Aryllis and the guard by walking around them. Climb the stairs behind the throne to find the Blizzard Bracelet.

Hint: Use Flight spell without magic

To use flight spells without magic, go to a location with water and fly onto the water. If you still are holding A, release the button. . You will still use magic, but when you run out you still will be flying. You will fly around until you land on the ground. This can be done anywhere, even on the sea.

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