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Area Codes

Area 1-02N08G5S7NDH4J3
Area 1-03N08G5T7MJWRJ3
Area 1-04N08G5V7L7BM03
Area 1-05N08G5V7KCH303
Area 1-06N08G5W7JF.GJ3
Area 1-07N08G5T7HW5104
Area 1-08N08G5T7GQNDJ4
Area 1-09N08G5S7F8BJJ3
Area 1-10N08G527DWHJJ3
Area 1-11N08G5J7CD2GJ3
Area 2-01N08BTJHNSC9J3
Area 2-03N08BTMHMHQDJ3
Area 2-04N08BTJHLZ80J4
Area 2-05N08BTCHK.WX03
Area 2-06N09838HJNFMJ3
Area 2-07N09831HHB..02
Area 2-08N0982THGSP5J3
Area 2-09N0K.BHFF0803
Area 2-10N0DBM2HQ74DJ3
Area 2-11N0DBM2HPC0WJ3
Area 3-01N0DBLVR.H51J3
Area 3-02N0KNZZRZCCL02
Area 3-03N0KNZ.RM7R002
Area 3-04N0KNZDRL6FNJ2
Area 3-05N0KNZDRKN7C02
Area 3-06N0KNZBRJPCC02
Area 3-07N0KNZBRHR3KJ2
Area 3-08N0KNZ8RG04KJ2
Area 3-09N0KNZBRF518J2
Area 3-10N0KNZBRD91S02
Area 3-11N0KNZ2RC95802
Area 4-01N0KNZ3..TMQ02
Area 4-02N0KNZ3.NRM8J2
Area 4-03N0KNZ1.MLVK02
Area 4-04N0KNZ3.LYS0J3
Area 4-05N0KNZ2.K54WJ2
Area 4-06N0KNZ3.J.N703
Area 4-07N0KNZ1.HGY.J2
Area 4-08N0KNZ3.G.S6J3
Area 4-09N0KNZ0.F68V02
Area 4-10N0KNZ3.DR.602
Area 4-11N0KNZ2.CRC102

Ending Code

To end the game you must type MERRY CHRISTMAS into the computer.

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Unlimited Balls0000 3905
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