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Conquest Of The Crystal Palace

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Cheat Mode

On the title screen, press Select and A, then release both buttons. Now press Select and B, then release. Repeat this process until you hear a sound indicating that cheat mode has been accessed. Begin the game and enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat:

Temporary InvincibilityHold Select and press Right
Extra GoldHold Select and press Left
Jumping ShoesHold Select and press Up
Full lifeHold Select and press Down
Extra lives (up to 99)Hold Select and press Diagonal Up/Right
Power-up weaponHold Select and press Diagonal Down/Left
Moon MirrorHold Select and press Diagonal Up/Left
Zap energyHold Select and press Diagonal Down/Right

Sound Test

On the title screen, hold Select and press A and B. Use the directional pad to select a song and press A to play it.

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite LivesGZVTAPAX
Infinite Energy for FarronSXXTAIAX
Maximum energy without Life CrystalGPEYUXTA
Higher jumping without Flight CrystalAAVIGTZA + PAVITTLA
Extra High JumpingIOUSLVTA
Really High JumpingIKUSLVTA
No money used when buying itemsGZXVPPAX + GZUTZPAX
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