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Game Genie Codes

If graphic glitches occur, press Reset.

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Infinite livesOXNGLZVK
Begin with 8 livesAANKXPGE + AANGSAGE
Begin with 1 lifePANKXPGA + PANGSAGA
Keep weapons after losing a lifeGZOGYUSE
Begin with 80 power heartsASOGOPIA
Begin with 40 power heartsAXOGOPIE
Weapons won’t use power heartsKZSSEZKA + KXESUZKA
Gain rapid fire shots on weapon pick-upZEUTAYAA
Infinite timeSXXXYAAXIf graphic glitches occur, press RESET.

Hint: Passing the bats in level 6

To get past the bats in level 6, walk past the first two, freeze the third with the clock in the nearby candle, jump over the fourth, then run quickly past the last candle. This only works if you do not stop to whip any candles other than the one with the clock in it. Simply run as fast as possible.

Hint: Location of money bags and treasure

Level 1When you first enter the game, walk left until you reach the door. Normally the door pulls you in. If you jump the door a money bag will appear on the other side. Remember to jump over the door again.
Level 1In the section with the water, break the far right block and kneel on the one below it. A money bag will appear.
Level 2On the first screen, climb the stairs, break the wall on the right, and enter the space that is created. A crown will appear.
Level 2 (Second part, just after the Medusa heads disappear) Stand on the pair of blocks that are slightly above the rest for a few seconds without kneeling. A treasure chest will appear.
Level 3 (First part)After climbing the stairs, go to the right edge of the lowest level of blocks and kneel. A money bag will appear.
Level 3 (Second part)After climbing the stairs, kneel above the pair of blocks that are not reachable for a money bag.
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