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Casino Kid 2

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Start with $1 000 0008110!000L4
After Jynia Nagule, $3005G0G0 00C74
After two poker dealers, all blackjack dealers, $12 400E0QC0 CXCC4
Last roulette game, $41 570CAHC1 YXFJL
Against King Las Vegas (USA), $154 470CRDV5 YYYGG
Against King Las Vegas (USA), $1 000 000811D????B8

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Start a new game with $82AZKKYOTG
Start a new game with $512EGKKYOTK
Start a new game with $21 171AZSGGPAA
Start a new game with $131 272EGSGGPAE
Start a new game with $1 342 377AASKPPAE
Start a new game with $5 368 909AZSKPPAA
Cannot double down in blackjackPAOASGIE
Cannot split in blackjackPAKAVIIE

Easy roulette wins

Place the indicated bets after the dealer makes one of the following statements.
Rie Lenka (China)"I may hit 00, or I may not." 00, 1, or 27
Rie Lenka (China)"How about the Black or the Red?" Black
Rie Lenka (China)"Try Twelve" Odd and second 12
Rie Lenka (China)"Have you tried Twelve?" Odd and Red
Rie Lenka (China)"Listen to me carefully, Kid." Even and third 12
Rie Lenka (China)"What I say is very helpful!" Red and 3rd row
Rie Lenka (China)"Watch the Wheel, not the layout." 0, 2, 28
Rie Lenka (China)"I'll hit the first twelve" Third 12
Rie Lenka (China)"Try the Even or the Odd" Even
Rie Lenka (China)"Think Kid, think!" Black
Paul Kieton (England)"I don't like black cars" Black
Paul Kieton (England)"Well, well, well" Second 12, red and even
Paul Kieton (England)"I can read you very well" Third row, red and even
Paul Kieton (England)"Teasing? No way!" 0, 2, 28
Paul Kieton (England)"Don't get too excited" First 12 and odd
Paul Kieton (England)"You get excited and lose it all" Odd
Paul Kieton (England)"How old are you?" 1-18
Paul Kieton (England)"I may land on 00. Do you believe me?" 00, 1, 27
Paul Kieton (England)"I cannot be defeated by you." Third 12
Abu Ganzil (India)"I am always the winner" Odd red
Abu Ganzil (India)"It will be a full moon tonight" 0, 5, 6
Abu Ganzil (India)"I never lose!" First 12
Abu Ganzil (India)"I'll bet it's odd. Do you believe me?" Even
Abu Ganzil (India)"How about trying Even?" Odd
King (Las Vegas)"CONCENTRATE!" Second 12
King (Las Vegas)"Don't hurry..." 19 to 36
King (Las Vegas)"Win or Lose..." Even
King (Las Vegas)"What shall I do?" Third 12 and/or black
King (Las Vegas)"I'm not faking..." Black, even, and/or first 12
King (Las Vegas)"Next spin will be the end of you" Odd
King (Las Vegas)"There's nothing you can do" First 12
King (Las Vegas)"Let's just enjoy the game" Red
King (Las Vegas)"Get serious" Red or odd
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