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Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team

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Extra Lives

To start with 5 lives, hold Up, A and B simultaneously and press Start at the title screen or continue screen.

Extra Lives

Start a 2-player game and play until the end of level 1-1, but don't enter level 1-2 yet. Turn on the second player, and defeat him to use up all his lives. Now, let player 2 continue, and once again use up all his lives. Continue doing this until all his continues are used. Now continue playing as player 1 and you will have extra lives gained from defeating player 2.

Warp Zones

In level 1, quickly head butt the first two pigs, then run to the right to find a warp zone on the ledge. Jump into it and you will be in level 3. In level 3, there is a level warp on the tenth wall after you pass through the fifth gate. This will take you to level 4. In level 4, in the last section, fall halfway onto the first platform. Now jump up quickly and repeatedly and you will find a warp to level 6. In level 6, go to the second section and ride the snake as high as possible. Now run to the right, jump, then run again to the right to find another warp.

Level Select and 10 Lives

At the player selection screen, press Down, Up, Up, Down, A, B, B, then A. A level select will now be activated. Once you have selected your level, you will begin playing with 10 lives.

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Start with full livesIEEOOALA
Start with 1 lifeAEEOOALA
Infinite Lives in every level but level 4GXXLAAVI
Infinite lives on level 4GZSOXPVI
Start with 10 continuesPEVELZZE
Bonus score gives you invincibilityIYKNIKGX
Invincibility lasts longerYPSYPGIE
Invincibility lasts even longerILSYPGIA
Double Dragons have stronger punchesOSEVAZA
Battletoads have stronger punchesAOUEUAGA
Opponents are strongerAXUIPOYA
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