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Batman: Return of the Joker

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Level Passwords

Level 1-1LPRZ
Level 1-2MDRR
Level 2-1NMLL
Level 2-2NWKL
Level 3-1LGZQ
Level 3-2GPTW
Level 4-1GNXF
Level 4-2KHCN
Level 5-1QGVN
Level 5-2WBZT
Level 6-1FFHG
Level 6-2CKQG
Level 7-1GPZT

Game Genie Codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Invincibility until next stageAAKOPIZA
Less damage from bulletsSZXZONSE
Less damage from collisionsSZSZKXSE
Less Damage from "electric grids"SXSATXSE
Infinite livesSZXSZSVK
Begin with 1 lifeAEXILGZA
Begin with 100 livesGVXILGZA
Backpack Energy Capsule counts as twoGAVXVLZA
Backpack Energy Capsule counts as fourAAVXVLZE
Start with seven Backpack Energy CapsulesGEOSPKVN
Start game with 3 life incrementsGEOSTKTA
Continue game with 3 life incrementsGASOTOTA
Disable stun when hitGXEUIOSE
More difficult to move when hitAEUUAPGA + GXKLAOKE
Move extra distance when hitVNULTONN + PEUUGPAA
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