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This game is the pack-in game with most Supervision portable consoles. It is another "Breakout" clone. There are three difficulty levels: Beginner, Average and Expert. These really determine the speed of the ball. Like other games of this type, including "Arkanoid" and "Crackout", this game has special blocks that release power-ups and special items when hit. There are also enemies that appear when other special blocks are hit.

The graphics are simple, but good enough for this type of game. The sounds used are appropriate but the music does not vary very much. The game is not very difficult, even on expert difficulty level. This game can be addictive, but not as addictive as "Tetris", the pack-in game with the Nintendo GameBoy.

Graphics 88% Suitable enough, but nothing special.
Sound 87% Also simple yet suitable.
Music 75% More variation needed.
Playability 92% Quite addictive.
Lastability 83% The game can get boring after a while.
Difficulty 79% May be difficult at first, but easy to master.
Overall 84% A fun and challenging game with suitable graphics and sound.

Reviewed by Dale Hansen

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