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Super Mario Bros.

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I'd say 99% of all NES/Famicom owners would own this game. It's a favourite of many and a well-known classic that started all of the Mario adventure games. The idea of the game is to run through all the levels, jumping on enemies and collecting power-ups to become Super Mario, on your way to rescue Princess Toadstool. You start as small Mario and when you collect a power-up you get bigger and become Super Mario. A further power-up allows you to become Fire Mario and you can shoot fireballs. You can also collect a star and become invincible. Luigi makes an appearance in 2-player consecutive mode. The graphics are quite good for an early game. Colourful backgrounds are used and varying locations too, unlike most previous NES/Famicom games which mostly used plain black backgrounds. The music varies in different parts of the game as well. The sounds are simple, but effective and typical of such a game. The variety in the game keeps you wanting to play more. This is always a game you'll want to come back to.

Graphics 91% Fairly good for an early game, with enough colours and variation used.
Sound 91% Sounds are simple yet effective and suitable.
Music 93% Varying music that is catchy.
Playability 93% A game you'll want to play a lot. The variation keeps you playing.
Lastability 90% You'll keep coming back to this game.
Difficulty 88% Pretty easy. Later levels can be more difficult with the time limit.
Overall 91% A fun game with a fairly good variety of sounds and backgrounds with reasonable difficulty.

Reviewed by Dale Hansen

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