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Road Fighter

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Road Fighter is a very easily-made car racing game. Unlike some other car racing games for NES where they attempted a 3D driver's view look, this one simply follows the car from a bird's eye view using simple scrolling techniques. Of course, the game is still quite fun to play.

You'll probably experience a number of crashed before mastering the game, but once you've gotten used to it, you'll probably be able to finish the game in no time. The graphics are quite colourful and the sounds are simple yet suitable enough. Not much music has been used in this game. it's a lot like an early NES game even though it was made in 1991.

Graphics 78% Simple, but good enough with enough colours used. A driver's view would have been better.
Sound 76% Simple sounds are used but are suitable for the game.
Music 47% Not enough music used in the game.
Playability 71% There's not enough in this game to make you want to play.
Lastability 63% Easy to finish once mastered - you probably won't play it much after that.
Difficulty 73% Can be difficult at first but doesn't take long to master.
Overall 69% Some aspects are okay, but the game appears to have been quickly and cheaply prepared for a quick buck.

Reviewed by Dale Hansen

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