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Pokémon Zany Cards

Game Credits

Shinya Kawada Director
Hiroki Hishigaki Director
Go Nagasaka Programmer
Masafumi Terai Designer
Chikako Takenaka Designer
Sachiko Shima Designer
Masaru Tajima Sound
Junichi Masuda Music Writer (Pokémon Theme)
O. M. Credited as "O.L.M." Illustrator
Naoyo Kimura Illustrator
Etsuya Hattori Illustrator
Yoshitaka Nishikawa Graphic Artist
Motoki Fujita Graphic Artist
Aki Ohsumi Graphic Artist
Chiho Saito Supervisor (Pokémon)
Hiroki Enomoto Supervisor (Pokémon)
Kazuyuki Terada Supervisor (Pokémon)
Junichi Masuda Supervisor
Ken Sugimori Supervisor
Satoshi Tajiri Character Designer (Pokémon)
Syogo Hayashi Special Thanks
Toshihide Anai Special Thanks
Souichi Yamamoto Special Thanks
Hirotaka Uemura Special Thanks
Kouji Yoshizaki Special Thanks
Tomonari Kidachi Special Thanks
Keita Nakamura Special Thanks
Hiro Nakamura Special Thanks
Kunimi Kawamura Special Thanks
Ryuta Kusumi Special Thanks
Super Mario Club, The Special Thanks
Toshisugu Chida Special Thanks
Yoshitaka Hirose Special Thanks
Hiroyuki Jinnai Special Thanks
Gakuji Nomoto Special Thanks
Ai Mashima Special Thanks
Leslie Swan Special Thanks
Randy Shoemake Special Thanks
Nate Bihldorff Special Thanks
Gail Tilden Special Thanks
Melinda Porter Special Thanks
Sara Bush Special Thanks
Satoru Iwata Producer
Satoshi Yamato Producer
Masayuki Miura Assistant Producer
Hiroshi Yamauchi Executive Producer
Tsunekazu Ishihara Executive Producer
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