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007: The World Is Not Enough

Game Credits

EA Games

Jon Horsley Executive Producer
Hunter Smith Producer
Michael Condrey Associate Producer
Tim Wilson Technical Director
Albert Penello Product Manager (United Kingdom)
David Miller Product Manager (United States of America)
Jeane Wong Senior Public Relations Specialist
Jerris Mungai Public Relations Coordinator
Atsuko Matsumoto Localisation Director
Gabriel Gils Carbó Credited as "Gabriel Gils Carbo " Localisation Lead
John Pemberton Localisation Specialist
Lafayette Taylor Localisation Specialist
Dan Roisman Localisation Specialist
Anthony Lynch Documentation Writer
Kate Beckinsale Documentation Layout
Mike Lippert Package Designer
Vyn Arnold Package Art Direction
Rob Hubbard Audio Technical Director
David Whittaker Audio Director
Tim Attuquayefio Quality Assurance Manager
Matt Dominguez Lead Tester
James DeGuzman Assistant Lead
Dave Constantino Assistant Lead
Aaron Hydrusko Tester
Aaron Lockhart Tester
Ben Alexander Tester
Michael Kaiser Tester
Ram Fenster Tester
Scott Ko Tester
Seth Mespelli Tester
Shawn Mulligan Tester
Steve Flemming Tester
William Lee Tester
Tony Alexander Quality Control
Benjamin Crick Quality Control
Dave Knudson Quality Control
Micah Pritchard Quality Control
Darryl Jenkins Quality Control
Andrew Young Quality Control
Dave Kellum Quality Control
Anthony Barbagallo Quality Control
Benjamin Smith Quality Control
Steve Wanigesekera Quality Control
Chris Chaplin Quality Control
John Cleese Voice (Hobbs International)
Adam Blackwood Voice (Hobbs International)
Andrew Burt Voice (Hobbs International)
Caron Pascoe Voice (Hobbs International)
David Robb Voice (Hobbs International)
Henrietta Bass Voice (Hobbs International)
Miles Anderson Voice (Hobbs International)
Simon Mattacks Voice (Hobbs International)
Tim Bentinck Voice (Hobbs International)
Tim Whitnall Voice (Hobbs International)
Sumalee Montano Voice (Stars Talent Agency)
Gary Gettys Special Thanks
Joel Wade Special Thanks
David Luoto Special Thanks
Linda Matteson Special Thanks
R. Berg Special Thanks
I Neil Special Thanks
James Abney Special Thanks
Matt Soares Special Thanks
John Williams Special Thanks
Alex Mayberry Special Thanks
Craig Brown Special Thanks
Black Ops Entertainment Special Thanks
Abbey Road Studios Special Thanks


David Bishop President (Home Entertainment Group)
Neil Haldar Executive Producer
Simon Matthew Executive Producer (Danjaq)
Pamela Trucajno Executive Director
Blake Thomas Executive Vice President (Worldwide Marketing)
Robert Rader Vice President (Business & Legal Affairs)
Pax Adair Senior Lead Tester
Nathan Miller Lead Tester
David Guzman Lead Tester
Eric Medel Senior Financial Analyst
Laura Wilson Assistant Extraordinaire
Phyllis Gordon Special Thanks
Mark Leino Special Thanks
Matt Lieberman Special Thanks
Chris Neel Special Thanks
David Elsey Special Thanks
Lee Nedler Special Thanks
Allyssa Moore Special Thanks
David Rope Special Thanks
Danjaq Special Thanks
Megan Crawford Special Thanks

Eurocom Entertainment Software

Rob Watkins Programmer
Tim Rogers Programmer
Mark Duffill Programmer
Simon Mills Programmer
Andy Mitchell Game Tools Programmer
Chris Jackson Game Tools Programmer
Kevin Marks Game Tools Programmer
Bill Beacham Design
Kev Harley Design
Aaron Jenkins Design
Rob Benton Art
Leavon Archer Art
Andy Bee Art
Nigel Bentley Art
Calvin Golkowski Art
Darren Hyland Art
Simon Kirk Art
Adrian Mannion Art
Paul Robinson Art
Lee Ames Additional Art
Carl Cropley Additional Art
Ulf Dahl Additional Art
Hans Johansen Additional Art
Helen Jones Additional Art
Gary Edwards Animation
Darren Hyland Animation
Neil Baldwin Audio
Michael Robinson Quality Assurance
John Barker Quality Assurance
Andy Collins Quality Assurance
Mark Shaw Quality Assurance
Chris Jackson Quality Assurance
Richard Nicholls Quality Assurance
Mike Botham Quality Assurance
Phil Bennett Quality Assurance
Richard Higgins Quality Assurance
Andy Dilks Quality Assurance
Tim Rogers Production Manager
Bill Beacham Production Manager
Hugh Binns Thanks
Matt Sneap Thanks
Paul Gregory Thanks
Joe Lewis Thanks
Paul Bate Thanks
Dick Alton Thanks
Kevin Holt Thanks
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