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Sega 32X Mars FAQ

                      The Sega 32X Mars
 			Frequently Asked Questions			 
		     Version X.04 - December 1998	 

This F.A.Q. is based on the Saturn/32x made by Gordon Craick.
Since it wasn't updated since December 1994, i said to myself "It's 
time to do a real update and how !!!" Don't you agree ?? 

This F.A.Q. as two copyrights, one to Gordon Craick and the other to
Sylvain De Chantal. All rights reserved. This document may be copied, 
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The data contained here in is provided for informational purposes only.
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              Welcome to the Sega 32x Mars F.A.Q. 

                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
              0.0) New Additional Info           
              1.0) The 32x Mars
              1.5) History of the 32X Mars
              2.0) 32x specs
              2.5) The 32X Neptune System
              3.0) The 32x in other Countrys
              3.5) CARTRIDGES & CD'S LIST 
              3.6) Japanese Games List
              4.0) Never Released Games List
              4.5) More Inputs
              5.0) Credits


0.0) New Additional Info

** Jonathan Legg wrote the European cartridge list **

** Chaz Bocock for describing 2 proto games **

** A suggestion from Jon Folkers... *** 

** Sean Kelly about prototypes games **


1.0) So what is the 32X?

The 32X was released in late November 1994 in the United States, with
releases in other countries following in the coming months. What the
32X is an addon for existing Genesis/Megadrive owners, which, when
plugged into the cartridge port of the machine, provides extra proces-
sing power, graphical enhancement and other improvements over your old 

The 32X is a cartridge and CD's based system, and is not be upgradeable 
to the Saturn(which was first planned with the Jupiter). The 32X also 
include less of the specially designed processors than the Saturn, 
allowing it to be released at a very much cheaper price.

For those who own a SegaCD the 32X will take advantage of this to 
provide 32X CD games. If you have a SegaCD it will use the extra capa-
bilities of the machine, in addition to that of the Genesis and itself. 
The reason for this seems to be so that Sega can boost sales of the
SegaCD, while also cutting prices on the 32X by not having to include
a CD-drive. 

How did this come about? Most believe that Sega initially was at work
on a cartridge only machine, however due to the market pressure of CD
becoming standard, Sega was persuaded to integrate CD storage into
their machine. Rather than waste this technology, they opted to use 
some of the technology in a cheaper, less powerful console that could
remain competitive for several years, well at least for three years...


1.5) History of the 32X Mars: (by Barry Cantin)
The Sega 32X was designed during 1993-94 by Sega of America primarily 
for use in the North American and European markets. The Japanese were 
about to get the Sega Saturn 32-bit system, and Sega felt (wisely) that 
there wasn't enough room in the Japanese video game market for two Sega 
32-bit systems. So, the system was developed in the U.S. with some 
follow-up work done in Japan. The Sega 32X unit was unveiled during 
"Sega Gamer's Day", June 2, 1994, at Sega's Headquarters in San Francisco.
Sega showed demos of early 32X titles, including "Doom", "Star Wars 
Arcade", "Ecco the Dolphin", "Super Motocross", "Virtua Racing Deluxe", 
"Super After Burner", and "Fahrenheit"(on CD). (Note that Ecco 32X was 
never released)

November, 1994 - Sega of America released the 32X unit. SRP was $159.99, 
and did not include a pack-in. On the day of the system's launch, no 
titles were available, either.  A few days later, Sega released "Doom", 
"Star Wars Arcade", and "Virtua Racing Deluxe". Shortly after that two 
additional titles made it to store shelves: "Cosmic Carnage" and "Metal 

The Sega 32X was released in Europe as well, and in Japan as the "Super 
32X" for use with the Mega Drive systems. The design was essentially the 
same for all three types of machines. Although there was talk of a combo 
Genesis/32X machine to be released in Japan, it never materialized.

Blockbuster Video stores also began to carry the 32X and games for rental.  
Some hype was generated at these stores with a free rental of a 32X 
"preview" video in the months leading up to the unit's release.
Several third-party developers were brought on board to create 32X games, 
including Acclaim, Accolade, Activision, Core Design, and EA Sports.  
Thirty-six games were eventually released for the system, including five 
CD titles, from 1994-96.  The majority of those games were from Sega.
The Sega 32X was sold initially with no pack-in, but later releases 
included three different titles:

1995: Star Wars pack-in 
1995: Doom pack-in
1996: Virtua Fighter pack-in

The 32X saw decent sales for a relatively brief period of time; however, 
many people did not want to buy the system with Sega's upcoming Saturn 
system just over the horizon.  Sega insisted that they would continue 
to support the 32X even after the Saturn was released in 1995. The 32X 
underwent several price cuts from 1995-96, in an attempt to boost sagging 
32X unit sales.  Several hits were released for the 32X, including 
"Mortal Kombat 2" and "Virtua Fighter"(which was preceded by the "Virtua 
Fighter Training Pack", consisting of a VF T-shirt, a video tape with 
some VF info/strategies, and coupons toward its purchase). Still, the 
public saw the Saturn as Sega's true next-gen system, and began aban-
doning the 32X pretty quickly. The last title to be released for the 
32X was "Spiderman: Web of Fire" (Sega), in spring 1996.

In 1996, Sega discontinued support for the 32X in favor of the Saturn.  
This was not a great shock to anyone, since the number of titles had 
slowed to a trickle earlier that year. During late 1996-1997, several 
large chain stores including Toys R Us and Electronics Boutique started 
discounting the 32X system as low as $19.99 (base system). Most of the 
games had also been discounted to less than $20 each.


2.0)  The 32x Specifications:

   PROCESSOR: Twin Hitachi (SH2) 32 bit RISC processors
		      - clock speed of 23 MHZ
		      - 40 MIPS

   CO-PROCESSOR(s): Genesis 68000, Z80, Genesis 32X VDP
		    Video processor
		      - 50,000 texture-mapped polygons/sec
		      - texture mapping
		      - hardware scaling and rotation

   VIDEO: - 32,768 simultaneous colours on screen
	  - Genesis resolution
	  - Overlaying over existing Genesis/SegaCD video

   MEMORY: 512k (4 MBit) additional RAM to Genesis/SegaCD memory

   AUDIO: Stereo PCM chip
	      - audio mixing with Genesis sound
	      - additional 2 channels (therefore 14 all together?)

   I/O: Same as Genesis
	   - 32X upgradable; can upgrade the 32X

   STORAGE: CD-ROM if you have a SegaCD
	       - speed same as SegaCD
	       - compatible with audio CD, CD&G, SegaCD and JVC X'eye

	       - compatible with Genesis model 1 & 2, JVC X'eye
	       - can store save game/score information (as with many
		 Genesis games)


2.5) The 32X Neptune System:

Sega's decision to lunch a mutated 32X/Genesis had almost seen the day,
but was canceled with the arrival of another 32-bit system: the Sega 
Saturn! Sega had admitted that the 32X was a little too expensive at the
time so the idea of putting a 32X & a Genesis alltogether and releasing
it with a better price was their idea, well the idea vanished faster than
the speed of light.

so if somebody out there wants a Sega Neptune, you better be damn rich
since it only exist one prototype. Better yet, don't think about it...

If anybody wants to see a picture of the Neptune, please go to my web 
site at: "", Thanks!!


3.0) The 32x in other Countrys:

The 32X was released in Japan in a low key launch, even despite the 
Genesis relative lack of popularity in that country. The 32X is also 
available in Europe (aka Mega 32X), Australia, and Canada in limited 
numbers. It was also released in Japan (called the Super 32X) with 
very few games due to lack of popularity of the Megadrive console. 
Any more info anyone ???

The lockout chips/compatability for the European, North American, and 
Asian machines remains incompatible with each other respectively. 
These machines will a combination of hardware 'lock-key' mechanisms to
prevent uncontrolled importing. These may eventually be circumnavigated 
through the use of converters, as used in the past by some companies. 

Here are the 2 games European-only:
* Darxide (Shooter) [from Rocket Science]
* FIFA Soccer '96 (Sports) [from Electronics Arts]



Name				        MemSize   Manufacturer      Type
After Burner                     16Meg    Sega	            Shooter
B.C. Racers	      		   24Meg    Core Design	      Racing
Blackthorne                        Meg    Sega              Adventure
Brutal:Paws Unleashed              Meg    Gametek           Fighting
Corpse Killer CD                 -----    Digital Picture   Shooter
Cosmic Carnage 			   24Meg    Sega		      Fighting
Doom 				         24Meg    ID Software	      Shooter
Farenheight CD (+ Sega CD)       -----    Sega              Action
Golf Magazine:36 Great Holes	   24Meg	Sega	            Sports 
Kolibri				     Meg  	Sega	       	Shooter
Knuckle Chaotix                  24Meg    Sega              Action 
Metal Head                         Meg    Sega    		Action
Mortal Kombat 2			     Meg    Acclaim	      Fighting
Motocross Championship           16Meg    Sega	      	Racing
NBA Jam TE				     Meg	Acclaim           Sports
NFL Quaterback Club                Meg    Acclaim		Sports
Night Trap CD                    -----    Digital Picture   Adventure
Pitfall:the Mayan Adventure      32Meg    Activision        Action   
Primal Rage                      32Meg    Sega              Fighting
RBI Baseball '95                 16Meg    Time Warner       Sports
Shadow Squadron                  16Meg    Sega              Shooter
Slam City CD			   -----	Digital Picture	Sports
Space Harrier     		   24Meg   	Sega	            Shooter
Spiderman: Web of Fire		     Meg   	Sega	      	Action
Star Trek:Starfleet Academy        Meg    Sega              Simulation
Star Wars Arcade 		         24Meg    Sega	            Shooter
Supreme Warrior CD		   -----  	Digital Picture	Shooter
T-Mek                              Meg    Sega              Fighting
Tempo                            24Meg    Sega              Action
Toughman Contest Boxing          32Meg    Electronic Arts   Sports
Virtua Fighter			   32Meg 	Sega	            Fighting
Virtua Racing Deluxe 		   24Meg 	Sega              Racing
World Series Baseball '95          Meg    Sega              Sports
WWF Raw				     Meg	Acclaim           Sports
WWF Wrestlemania Arcade		     Meg	Acclaim           Sports
Zaxxon Motherbase 2000           16Meg    Sega              Shooter      


3.6) Japanese Games List [the Super 32X]
Japanese Name [AKA in the US]            Manufacturer  Type      Date
After Burner Complete                         Sega     Shooter   '95.1.13
Chaotix[Knuckle Chaotix]                      Sega     Action    '95.4.21
Cyber Brawl[Cosmic Carnage]                   Sega     Fighting  '95.1.27
Doom                                          ID       Shooter   '94.12.3
Golf Magazine:36 Great Holes                  Sega     Sports    '95.2.24
Metal Head                                    Sega     Action    '95.2.24
Mortal Kombat 2                               Acclaim  Fighting  '95.5.19
NBA Jam TE                                    Acclaim  Sports    '95.9.1
NFL Quaterback Club                           Acclaim  Sports    '95.7.14
Parasquad[Zaxxon Motherbase 2000]             Sega     Shooter   '95.7.14  
Sangokushi 4[Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4] Koei     Strategy  '95.7.28
Stellar Assault[Shadow Squadron]              Sega     Shooter   '95.5.26
Space Harrier                                 Sega     Shooter   '94.12.3
Star Wars Arcade                              Sega     Shooter   '94.12.3
Tempo                                         Sega     Action    '95.3.24
Virtua Fighter                                Sega     Fighting  '95.10.20
Virtua Racing Deluxe                          Sega     Racing    '94.12.16
WWF Raw                                       Acclaim  Sports    '95.9.1


3.7) European Games List [the Mega 32X]
Name				                              Manufacturer       
32 Great Holes starring Fred Couples			Sega
After Burner							Sega
BC Racers							      Core
Corpse Killer [Mega CD/32X]					Sega
Cosmic Carnage					       	Sega
Darxide						      	Sega
Doom							      	id / Sega
FIFA 96						       	EA Sports
Knuckles Chaotix					      	Sega
Kolibri						      	Sega
Metal Head						      	Sega
Mortal Kombat 2					      	Acclaim
Motocross Championship				       	Sega
NBA Jam Tournament Edition					Acclaim
NFL Quarterback Club						Acclaim
Primal Rage						        	Sega
Slam City with Scottie Pippen [Mega-CD/32X]		Digital Pictures
Soul Star X [Mega CD/32X]					Sega
Space Harrier							Sega
Star Wars Arcade					      	Sega
Stellar Assault				       		Sega
Supreme Warrior [Mega CD/32X]		       		Sega
T-Mek						        		Sega
Toughman Contest				       		EA Sports
Virtua Fighter				      		Sega
Virtua Racing Deluxe						Sega
WWF Raw					      		Acclaim
Zaxxon Motherbase				      		Sega


4.0) The Never Released Games List:

Never Released (???)                      Manufacturer      Type
32Xtreme				            Sega	      	Sports
Alien Trilogy                             Acclaim           Shooter
Alien vs. Predator                        Activision        Action
Alone in the Dark                                           Adventure                                       
Apache                                    Domark            Action
Batman Forever                            Acclaim           Action
Bios Fear                                 
Clay Fighter 2:Judgement Clay             Interplay         Fighting
Casper                                                      Action
Castlevania                               Konami            Action
College Basketball                        Sega              Sports
Comix Zone                                Sega              Action
Converve City Ball Tour                                     Sports
Converse Hoops                            Virgin            Sports
Cyber Brawl                               Sega(renamed cosmic carnage)
Cuberwar                                                    Action
Darxide (U.S. version)		         	Sega	      	Action
Daytona USA                               Sega              Racing
Dracula X                                 Konami            Action
Dynamite Headdy                           Sega              Action
Ecco the Dolphin                          Sega              Adventure
FIFA Soccer '96 (U.S. version)	   	Electronic Arts   Sports
Flying Aces
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball                              Sports
Fred Couples Golf                         Sega
Golf Magazine:36 Great Holes CD           Sega(released as cart instead)
Heads on Soccer          
Heavy Machinery
Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings                          Sports
Judge Dreed                                                 Action
Kingdom of the Far Reaches                                  
Midnight Raiders CD                       Sega                 
NBA Action '96		            	Sega	      	Sports
Power Rangers                                               Action
Primal Rage CD                            Sega(released as cart instead)
Prime Time NFL                                              Sports
Race Drivin'                              Atari             Racing
Rachet & Bolt             
Rayman                                    Ubi Soft          Action
Revolution X                              Acclaim           Shooter               
Romance of the 3 Kingdoms IV              Koei              Simulation
Scottish Open			      	Core Design   	Sports
Shadow of Atlantis                        Sega              Adventure
Shell Shock
Sonic 4                                   Sega              Action
Soulstar X			             	Core Design	      Shooter
Spider-Man & Venom:Seperation Anxiety     Acclaim           Fighting
Spot Goes To Hollywood                    Virgin		Action 
Stellar Assault			       	Sega	       	Shooter
Street Fighter the Movie                  Capcom            Fighting
Street Racer             
Super After Burner                        Sega(renamed After Burner)
Super MotoCross                           (renamed Motocross Champ.) 
Super Space Harrier                       Sega(renamed Space Harrier)
Surgical Strike CD                        Sega              Shooter
Tee Off                                   Core Design       Sports
Thunderhawk 2                             Core Design       Shooter
Vara's Code                               
Virtua Hamster				      Sega	      	Action
Virtual Golf                              Sega              Sports
Wirehead CD                               Sega              
Wrath Squadron                            Sega              
X-Men: Mojo-World		        	      Sega		      Action
Zero Tolerance                            Accolade          Shooter


4.5) More Inputs:

The 32X was released in the United States in late November, 1994 and  
finally had been dicountinued late 1995 due to the early arrival of 
the Sega Saturn in the summer of 1995.
Sega was trying to provide some type of upgrade path to the Saturn so
that it can play existing 32X games, however there is a definite
technological difference that makes this difficult. When implemented,
this will be through an optional plug-in cartridge that will allow
you to play not only 32X games, but also Genesis, and SegaCD games on
your Saturn.

Sega claimed on the 32X packaging that it will not work with the CDX, 
essentially because FCC approval for this combination was never received. 
However, if you connect the 32X to your CDX, it works fine. (NOTE: The 
author assumes NO responsibility for any damages or losses incurred for 
anything suggested here, and neither does Sega of America... if you try 
this, you do so at your own risk).

Chaz Bocock wrote to me about 2 prototype games. Here's what:
Judge Dredd and Virtua Hamster. I'll tell you what I know about these games..

JUDGE DREDD : A friend of mine wrote the PC version of this game, and saw the
prototype of the 32X version.  The only difference between the 32X version
and the Megadrive version, is the flying level (on the hoverbikes), the
background to this is a mode-7 type affect.

VIRTUA HAMSTER : This was going to be a 'Hamsters and other animals on
power skateboards' - 'Turtles' style.  The creatures would race down a
series of 3D Tunnels/Tubes.  The only work that was completed on this
games was a rendered mock-up of what the game would like, plus a small
intro.  It never got further than this.

Sean Kelly (the multi-game cart maker) wrote to me if i knew any proto-
type games. I've told him that i only knew these proto games: 
Judge Dredd, Virtua Hamster, Ecco & Surgical Strike CD. (2 described
above). He told me that he has these prototypes games...Virtua Hamster,
X-Men & Tempo, the lucky guy!! But many of you know that Tempo was released
but prototype games of released games can exist, like Terminator 2 for the
NES of Thunderground for the Atari 2600. Wonder if the Tempo proto is the
same thing as the released one....hummm.

Here's a suggestion from Jon Folkers (Manic Butt):
This looks like a good place to insert some of the FAQs about stereo sound 
when hooking this beast up to different model Genesis machines. I know I 
was pissed when I found out my sound output HAD to be mono unless I used 

Some of this is in the 32X manual, but could be excerpted for people who 
bought used and didn't get instructions -- the rest is at

I agree with Jon, so since i didn't had much time to write a chapter on
how to hook-up the 32X in stereo or anything else in the instruction
manual of the 32X, i'll will make a chapter for the manual for everybody
who doesn't have or didn't get the manual. So wacth out for the next
version, thanks for your patient until then!

Are you having problems to finish a game or any trouble, please go
to this site: "".
Just say to Al Amaloo that i sent you !  


5.0) Credits:
Not much for now...

* Chaz Bocock
* Barry Cantin
* Gordon Craick (Of Course !!!)
* Jon Folkers
* Eric Hamel
* Sean Kelly 
* Jonathan Legg
* Ippei Muramatsu
* Sega Power Magazines

Thanks and see you in the next version !!!
Copyright(c)1998, Sylvain De Chantal, ""
or come visit my homepage at ""

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