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                        The REAL GAME GEAR F.A.Q.
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              Welcome to the REAL FAQ about the GAME GEAR !

                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
              1.0) What is the GAME GEAR ?? 
              2.0) GAME GEAR specs
              3.0) U.S. Cartridge List(still need inputs...)
              3.1) Never Released (U.S.)
              3.2) Japanese Cartridge List
              4.0) Accessories List
              5.0) Europe Cartridge Releases Only
              6.0) Odds and Ends...
              7.0) Credits


1.0) What is the GAME GEAR ?? 

First, play a Game Boy and find a dead squirrel and knock-it hard on
your head, when you see all kind of color on the screen of your Game
Boy, you've accomplish to get a dirt-cheap Game Gear !

HA!HA!HA! Only in your wildest dreams! (or the TV ad)

But seriously, the Game Gear is quite unique in it's own way.
It's "life" began in 1991 when it was released and now died in the end of
1997 when the last title came out (in Japan, it died in december 1996).

This color handheld system is in fact an Portable Sega Master System, but
Sega wanted to compete with the Nintendo Game Boy, the Atari Lynx and the
NEC Turbo-Express. With now an library of about 250 titles especialy made
for the Game Gear and about 120 games for the Sega Master System with the 
Master Gear Adaptor, you have the choices of more than 350 games that you 
can play on it.

So enough of "small" talk and let's get on with the FAQ. And if you want
to know more of the big brother of the GG, the SMS (Sega Master System),
Please go see Jeff Bogumil's SMS FAQ at !! Thanks !!

2.0) GAME GEAR specs

Main Processor: Z-80 (8-bit)
Processor Speed: 3.58 MHz
Resolution: 160 x 146
Colors Available: 4,096
Colors On-Screen: 32
Maximum Sprites: 64
Sprite Size: 8 x 8  
Screen Size: 3.2 Inches
Audio: 4-lyr   
RAM: 24K  

It is suggested that some games, can change colors on successive scan 
lines, and use more colors than the 32 mentioned above.

The GG IS the same all over the world. (Internally of course!) That 
means that you can play any cart anywhere in the world !! No need
of any converters or adaptors, all carts are universally compatible !

Some of you are asking themselves if we can play Game Gear carts on a
Master System with an adaptor...well let me put it in one word: NOPE.
The fact is the Game Gear as a color palette of 4,096 colors and the 
Master System as a color palette of 256. We can play Master System on 
a Game Gear but not the other way around just because of this.

I (Sly)tried myself to take a shot at this but instead of playing Game Gear
games on the Master System, i tried it on the Genesis with the Power
Base Converter and it did work!! Well, kind of, i took a "Poker Face 
Solitaire" cart and rewire-it to a scraped "Hang On/Safari Hunt" that 
i put in the Power Base Converter, i am able to play the game BUT you
have two problems: 
           1) No Pause button and 
           2) The Color are all mixed up!

The PAUSE button isn't the real problem, we can still make a switch or 
press-button to correct the situation. The REAL and biggest problem is
the COLOR! What is supposed to be "black" is now "green", "white" is 
now "orange", and so on...welcome to the 60's if you want to play !! 
Not GROOVY at all, that's for sure !! 


3.0) U.S. Cartridge List               Total for NOW: 243 Carts
-------------------------             --------------------------

In the THEME Section:
Act=Action                 Rcg=Racing            
Adv=Adventure              RPG=Role Playing game
Ard=Arcade                 Sht=Shooter
Fgh=Fighting               Sim=Simulation
Msc=Misc.                  Soc=Social(card)
Puz=Puzzle                 Spt=Sport

In the INFO Section:
(B) = Battery Storage
(P) = Password
#p  = Number of Player (2or4)
2ps = 2 Players Simultaniously

Name:                        Company:  #Model:   Year/Mem:  Theme: Info:   
5-in-1 Fun Pack              Interplay  T-125028   94/      Msc    
Addams Family                                        /1m    Act     
Aerial Assault                Sega                   /      Sht     2p
Aladdin                       Sega                   /4m    Act     (P)
Alien Syndrome                Sega        2324     92/      Sht
Alien 3                       Arena                  /2m  Act/Sht
Andre Agassi Tennis                                  /      Spt
Arcade Classics               Sega                   /      Ard
Arch Rivals                                          /      Spt
Arena:Maze of Death                                  /
Asterix & the Great Rescue    Sega                   /      Act
Ax Battler                    Sega        2405     91/2m    RPG     (P)
Baby Boom                                            /
Baku Baku                     Sega                   /      Puz
Batman & Robin(Advs. of)      Sega                   /      Act
Batman Forever                                       /      Act
Batman Returns                Sega                 92/2m    Act
Batter Up                     Namco                  /      Spt
Battleship                                           /      Soc
Battletoads                   Tradewest            94/2m  Act/Fgh
Beavis & Butthead             Viacom               94/      Act
Berenstain Bears              Sega                   /
Bonkers:Wax Up!               Sega                 95/4m    Act
Bubble Bobble                 Taito                  /      Arc   2p/(P)
Bugs Bunny:Double Trouble                            /
Bust-A-Move                   Sega                   /      Puz
Caesar's Palace                                      /
Captain America                                      /
Casino Fun Pack                                      /
Chakan:the Forever Man        Sega                 92/      Act
Championship Hockey                                  /
Chase HQ                      Taito                  /      Rcg
Chessmaster                   Sega                   /      Soc
Chicago Syndicate             Sega                 95/      Act
Choplifter 3                  Extreme                /      Sht
Chuck Rock                    Sega                   /2m    Act
Chuck Rock 2:Son of Chuck     Tengen               94/2m    Act
Cliffhanger                                          /      Act
Clutch Hitter                 Sega                   /      Spt
Columns                       Sega                   /2m    Puz
Cool Spot                     Virgin               93/2m    Act
Cosmic Spacehead              Codemaster             /
Crystal Warriors              Sega                 92/2m    Rpg  2ps/(B)  
Cutthroat Island              Acclaim    T-81338   95/      Act
Defenders of Oasis            Sega       2503      92/4m    RPG    (B)
Desert Strike                                        /    Sim/Sht 
Devilish                      Sage's Creation      91/1m    Msc     
Dinosaurs Tale                                       /
Donald Duck:Deep Duck Trouble Sega                 94/4m    Act
Donald Duck:Lucky Dime Caper  Sega                 92/2m    Act
Double Dragon                 Virgin                 /      Fgh
Dr.Robotnik Mean Bean Machine Sega                 94/2m    Puz  2ps/(P)
Dracula(Bram Stoker's)                               /  
Dragon:the Bruce Lee Story                           /      Fgh
Dragon Crystal                Sega                 91/    Act/RPG
Dynamite Headdy               Sega                   /      Act
Earthworm Jim                 Playmates            95/4m    Act 
Ecco The Dolphin              Sega                 93/4m    Adv    (P)
Ecco 2:the Tides of Time      Sega                 95/4m    Adv    (P)
Evander Holyfield R.D.Boxing  Sega                   /      Spt
F-15 Strike Eagle 2                                  /
Fantastic Dizzy               Codemaster             /2m    Act
Fantasy Zone                  Sega                 92/1m    Sht
Fatal Fury Special            Takara                 /      Fgh
FIFA Soccer '95               EA Sports            94/      Spt
FIFA Soccer '96               EA Sports            95/      Spt
Foreman For Real                                     /      Spt
Formula 1                     Domark               94/2m    Rcg  2ps/(P)
Frank Thomas BigHurt Baseball                        /      Spt
Fred Couples Golf             Sega      2529       95/      Spt    4p
Frogger (Prototype only)      Sega      ????       9?/?m    Arc    
G-Loc                         Sega                   /      Sht
Garfield:Caught in the Act    Sega                   /
Gear Works                    Sony                 94/1m    Puz   (P)
George Foreman's KO Boxing    Flying Edge          92/2m    Spt   2ps
Global Gladiators                                    /
GP Rider                                             /      Rcg
Greendog                                             /
Halley Wars                   Sega                   /1m    Sht
Home Alone                    Sega                 92/      Act
Hook                          Sony                   /      Act
Hurricanes                                           /
Incredible Crash Dummies                             /
Incredible Hulk                                      /      Act
Indiana Jones:Last Crusade    U.S.Gold               /    Adv/Act
Iron Man/XO-Manowar                                  /
Itchy & Scratchy Game         Acclaim              95/4m    Act
James Pond 2:Codename Robocod U.S.Gold             93/2m    Act
Jeopardy                      Gametek                /      Soc
Jeopardy Sports               Gametek   T-83078    93/    Soc/Spt
Joe Montana Football          Sega                 92/2m    Spt
John Madden '95               E. Arts              95/4m    Spt          
John Madden '96                                    96/      Spt
Judge Dredd                   Acclaim              95/4m    Act    (P)
Junction                      Bignet                 /      Puz
Jungle Book                   Virgin                 /      Act
Jungle Strike                                        /      Sht
Jurassic Park                 Sega                 93/4m  Act/Adv
Jurassic Park 2:Lost World    Sega                   /    Act/Adv
Kawasaki Super Bike Challenge Time Warner          95/2m    Rcg    (P)
Klax                          Tengen                 /      Puz
Krusty's Fun House            Acclaim                /      Puz
Last Action Hero                                     /      Act      
Lemmings                      Sega                   /2m    Puz
Lion King                     Virgin               94/4m    Act
Little Mermaid(Ariel)         Sega                   /      Act
Majors:Pro Baseball           Sega        2418     92/      Spt  2ps (B)
Marble Madness                Tengen               92/      Puz  
Marko & Magic Soccer                                 /    Act/Spt
Mega Man:Best Of ...          U.S.Gold  T-79168    95/      Act
Mickey M:Castle of Illusion   Sega                 91/1m    Act
Mickey M:Land of Illusion     Sega                   /      Act
Mickey M:Legend of Illusion   Sega                 95/4m    Act
Mickey's Ultimate Challenge   Hi-Tech                /      Act
Micro Machines                                       /      Rcg
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers  Sega                 94/4m  Act/Fgh  2ps
MLBPA Baseball                                       /      Spt
Monster Truck Wars                                   /
Mortal Kombat                 Acclaim   T-81278    92/4m    Fgh    2ps
Mortal Kombat 2               Acclaim              93/4m    Fgh    2ps
Ms.Pac-Man                    Tengen                 /      Arc
NBA Action '94                                     94/      Spt
NBA Jam                       Acclaim                /      Spt
NBA Jam Tournament Edition    Acclaim   T-81308    94/      Spt
NFL Quarterback Club          Acclaim              94/      Spt
NFL Quarterback Club '96      Acclaim   T-81378    95/      Spt
NHL All-Star Hockey                                  /      Spt
NHL Hockey '95                                     95/      Spt
Ninja Gaiden                  Sega                 91/2m    Act
Olympic Gold:Barcelona '92    U.S.Gold             92/2m    Spt   4p        
Out Run Europa                U.S.Gold             92/2m    Rcg
Pac-Attack                    Namco                  /      Puz
Pac-Man                       Namco                  /1m    Arc
Paperboy                      Tengen               92/2m    Act
Paperboy 2                                           /      Act
Pengo                                                /      Arc
PGA Tour '96                                       96/      Spt
PGA Tournament Golf           Tengen               94/2m    Spt 4p/(B)
PGA Tournament Golf 2         Time Warner T-48198  95/4m    Spt 4p/(P)
Phantom 2040                  Viacom     T-139028  95/      Act
Pinball Dreams                Gametek              94/1m    Msc
Poker Face Blackjack          Sega       2326      94/      Soc
Poker Face Gin                Sega       2328      94/      Soc
Poker Face Poker              Sega       2325      94/      Soc
Poker Face Solitaire          Sega       2327      94/      Soc
Popils                        Tengen               92/2m    Puz
Power Drive                                          /      Rcg
Power Rangers:the Movie       Sega                   /      Fgh
Predator 2                    Arena                  /      Act
Primal Rage                   Time Warner            /      Fgh
Prince of Persia              Tengen               92/      Adv
Psychic World                 Sega                   /      
Putt & Putter                 Sega       2307      91/      Spt   2ps  
RBI Baseball '94                                   94/      Spt
R.C. Grand Prix               Absolute               /2m    Rcg
Ren & Stimpy:Quest for...     Sega                 94/2m    Act   (P)
Revenge of Drancon(Wonderboy) Sega                   /      Act
Riddick Bowe Boxing                                  /      Spt
Rise Of The Robots            Time Warner          95/4m    Fgh
Ristar                        Sega       2543      94/4m    Act
Road Rash                     U.S.Gold               /      Rcg
Road Runner:Desert Speedtrap  Sega                 94/2m  Act/Rcg
Robo Cop 3                    Flying Edge          93/2m  Act/Sht
Robocop vs Terminator                                /    Act/Sht
Samurai Shodown               Takara                 /      Fgt
Scratch Golf                  Vic Tokai  T-23018   94/      Spt   2p
Shaq Fu                                              /      Fgt
Shining Force:Sword of Hajya  Sega       2524      94/4m    RPG   (B)
Shinobi                       Sega       2402      91/2m    Act
Shinobi 2                     Sega                   /      Act
Side Pocket                   Data East              /      Spt
Simpsons:Bartman Meet R. Man  Flying Edge T-81168  93/      Act
Simpsons:Bart Vs Sp. Mutants  Flying Edge            /      Act
Simpsons:Bart Vs the World    Flying Edge          93/2m    Act
Slider                        Sega                 91/1m    Puz
Solitaire Fun Pack                                   /      Soc
Solitaire Poker               Sega                 91/1m    Soc
Sonic Blast                   Sega      2573       96/      Act
Sonic Chaos                   Sega                 93/4m    Act
Sonic Drift 2                 Sega      2562       95/      Rcg
Sonic the Hedgehog            Sega                   /2m    Act
Sonic the Hedgehog 2          Sega                   /4m    Act
Sonic Labyrinth               Sega      2584       95/      Act
Sonic Spinball                Sega                   /      Msc
Sonic Triple Trouble          Sega                 94/4m    Act
Space Harrier                 Sega                   /1m    Arc
Speedy Gonzales:Cheese Cat..  Sega                 95/4m    Act
Spider-Man Vs. the Kingpin    Flying Edge          92/2m    Act
Spider-Man:Ret.Sinister 6                            /      Act
Spider-Man & the X-Men                               /      Act
Sports Illustr:Baseb/Footb                           /      Spt
Sports Illustrated Golf                              /      Spt
Sports Trivia                                        /    Puz/Spt
Sports Trivia-Champ                                  /    Puz/Spt
Star Trek Generations(Nexus)  Absolute               /      Adv
Star Trek TNG:Holodeck Tut.   Absolute             94/2m    Adv    (P)
Star Wars                     U.S.Gold               /4m    Act
Stargate                      Acclaim    T-81298   93/4m    Act
Streets of Rage               Sega        2417     92/4m    Fgh
Streets of Rage 2             Sega                   /4m    Fgh
Strider Returns               U.S.Gold               /      Act
Super Columns                 Sega                 95/1m    Puz    2ps
Super Golf                    Sage's Creation        /1m    Spt
Super Monaco GP               Sega                   /      Rcg   
Super Monaco GP 2             Sega                   /2m    Rcg
Super Off-Road                Virgin                 /2m    Rcg
Super Star Wars:R.O.T.Jedi                           /      Act
Super Smash TV                                       /2m    Arc
Super Space Invaders                                 /      Arc
Surf Ninjas                                          /       
Tails Adventure               Sega      2583       95/      Act
Talespin                      Sega                   /      Act
Tarzan                                               /      
Taz:Escape from Mars          Sega                 95/4m    Act
Tazmania                      Sega                   /      Act
Tempo Jr                      Sega                   /4m    Act   (P)
Terminator                    Virgin               92/2m  Act/Sht
Terminator 2:Arcade Game      Arena                  /      Sht
Terminator 2:Judgement Day                           /      Act
Tesserae                      Gametek                /
Tom & Jerry:the Movie         Sega                 93/4m    Act
True Lies                     Acclaim              95/4m    Act
Trunski                                              /
Urban Strike                                         /    Sim/Sht  
Vampire Master of Darkness    Sega      2437       93/      Act
Virtua Fighter:Animation      Sega      2570       96/      Fgh
VR Troopers                                          /
Wheel of Fortune              Gametek              92/      Soc
Wimbledon Tennis              Sega                 92/1m    Spt    2ps
Winter Olympics Games                                /      Spt
Woody Pop                     Sega                   /1m    Puz
Wolf Child                    Virgin               93/2m    Act 
World Class Leaderboard       Sega                 91/2m    Spt   4p
World Cup Soccer                                     /      Spt
World Cup USA '94                                  94/      Spt
World Series Baseball         Sega      2439       93/2m    Spt    2ps
World Series Baseball '95     Sega                 94/4m    Spt  2ps/(P)
WWF Raw                                              /      Spt
WWF Steel Cage Challenge      Flying Edge            /2m    Spt    2ps
X-Men                         Sega     2505        94/      Act
X-Men 2:Gamemaster's Legacy   Sega                 95/4m    Act
X-Men 3:Mojo World            Sega     2561        96/      Act
Zool                                                 /      Act
Zoop                                                 /      Puz

3.1) Never Released (U.S.)[???]

Name                                    Manufacturer    
Humans                                  Gametek
Berlin Wall                             Kaneko
C.J. Elephant Fugitive                  Codemaster
Dino Basher                     
F-15 Strike Eagle 3                     Microprose
Golden Axe                              Sega
James Bond 007
Joe Montana Football '94                Sega
Lemming 2:the Tribes                    Psygnosis
Maze Syndrome                           
Popeye Beach V'Ball                     American Technos
Prize Fighter
Rampart                                 Tengen
Rastan Saga
Road Rash 2                             Time Warner
Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves            Virgin
Super Battletank
Super Battletank 2                      Absolute
Team Williams GP
We're Back
X-Woman                                 Sega        


3.2) Japanese Cartridge List
First of all, i have to thanks Ippei Muramatsu to his exeptional
contribution. He wrote the entire list of japanese cartidge list
all by himself. 

Name                                    Manufacturer    

Name:                        Company:  #Model:   Year/Mem:  Theme: Info:   
Adam's Family                AKKLAIM    T-81087    94/2m    Act
Aerial                       SEGA       G-3403     91/2m    Sim
Aerial Assault               SEGA       G-3219     92/1m    Sht
Ah... Harimanada             SEGA       G-3327     93/4m    Spt
Aladdin                      SEGA       G-3336     94/4m    Act  
Alien 3                      AKKLAIM    T-81047    94/4m    Act
Alien Syndrome               SIMS       T-44037    92/1m    Act
Axe Battler                  SEGA       G-3304     91/2m    Act
Baku Baku Animal             SEGA       G-3378     96/4m    Puz
Bare Knuckle(Streets of Rage)SEGA       G-3313     92/2m    Act
Bare Knuckle 2               SEGA       G-3328     93/4m    Act
Bart World                   AKKLAIM    T-81077    94/2m    Act
Batman Forever               AKKLAIM    T-81187    95/4m    Act
Batman Returns               SEGA       G-3314     92/2m    Act
Battletoads                  SEGA       G-3311     94/2m    Act
Buster Fight                 SEGA       G-3341     94/2m    Act
Busterball                   RIVERHILL  T-53027    92/1m    Act
Chase H.Q.                   TAITO      T-11017    91/1m    Rcg
Chuck rock                   SEGA       G-3320     92/2m    Act
Coca-Cola Kid                SEGA       G-3350     94/4m    Act
Columns                      SEGA       G-3101     90/1m    Puz  
Crash Dummies                AKKLAIM    T-81127    94/2m    Act
Daisenryaku G                SYSTEMSOFT T-51017    91/2m    Sim
Devilish                     GENKI      T-28017    91/1m    Act
Dodge Danpei                 SEGA       G-3220     92/1m    Spt
Donald Duck:Four Treasures   SEGA       G-3332     93/4m    Act
Donald Duck:Lucky Dime       SEGA       G-3306     91/2m    Act
Doraemon                     SEGA       G-3326     93/2m    Act
Doraemon Pocket Paradise     SEGA       G-3383     96/4m    Msc
Dragon Crystal               SEGA       G-3206     90/2m    Rpg
Dunk Kids                    SEGA       G-3352     94/4m    Spt
Dynamite Headdy              SEGA       G-3355     94/4m    Act
Ecco the Dolphin             SEGA       G-3344     94/4m    Act
Ecco the Dolphin 2           SEGA       G-3362     95/4m    Act
Eternal Legend               SEGA       G-3402     91/2m    Rpg   Batt.
Faceball 2000                RIVERHILL  T-53037    93/2m    Act
Fantasy Zone                 SIMS       T-44017    91/1m    Sht
FIFA International Soccer    ELEC.ARTS  T-10617    95/4m    Spt
Fight! Pro.Baseb.Twin League SEGA       G-3371     95/4m    Spt
Fley                         MICROCABIN T-52037    91/2m    Act
Foreman for Real             AKKLAIM    T-81197    95/4m    Spt
Fred Couples Golf            SEGA       G-3358     94/4m    Spt
G Sonic                      SEGA       G-3385     96/8m    Act
G-Loc                        SEGA       G-3204     90/1m    Sht
Galaga '91                   NAMCO      T-14057    91/1m    Sht
Gamble Panic                 SEGA       G-3364     95/4m    Soc
Gambler Jikocyuushinha       SEGA       G-3309     92/2m    Soc
Ganbare Golbee!              SEGA       G-3210     91/1m    Puz
Garou Densetsu Special       TAKARA     T-103017   94/4m    Fgh
Gear Stadium                 NAMCO      T-14037    91/1m    Spt
Gear Stadium Heisei Edition  NAMCO      T-14077    95/1m    Spt
GG Aleste                    COMPILE    T-66017    91/2m    Sht
GG Aleste 2                  SEGA       G-3330     93/2m    Sht
GG Portrait Akira            SEGA       G-3386     96/4m    Msc
GG Portrait Pai              SEGA       G-3387     96/4m    Msc
GG Shinobi                   SEGA       G-3302     91/1m    Act
GG Shinobi 2                 SEGA       G-3315     92/2m    Act
Godzilla                     SEGA       G-3430     95/4m    Sim   Batt.
GP Rider                     SEGA       G-3347     94/4m    Rcg
Griffon                      NIHON      T-49017    91/1m    Sht
Gunstar Heroes               SEGA       G-3349     95/4m    Act
Halley Wars                  TAITO      T-11027    91/1m    Sht
Hao-Pai(Mahjong)             SEGA       G-3202     90/1m    Soc
Hao-Pai 2                    SEGA       G-3335     93/4m    Soc
Headbuster                   NCS        T-25017    91/1m    Sim
Heavy Weight Champ           SIMS       T-44027    91/1m    Spt
Hideo Nomo's World S. Baseb. SEGA       G-3432     95/4m    Spt   Batt.
House of Tarot               SEGA       G-3208     90/1m    Msc
Hyokkori Hyoutan Jima        SEGA       G-3218     92/1m    Act
Hyper Professional Baseb.'92 SEGA       G-3217     92/1m    Spt
Ichidanto Arr                SEGA       G-3359     94/4m    Puz
In the Wake of Vampire       SIMS       T-44047    92/2m    Act
Inu Daisuki! (We Love Dogs)  SEGA       G-3436     96/4m    Sim   Batt.
J League GG Pro Striker'94   SEGA       G-3417     94/4m    Spt   Batt.
J League Soccer Dream Eleven SEGA       G-3431     95/4m    Spt   Batt.
Joe Montana Foot Ball        SEGA       G-3305     92/2m    Spt
Junction                     MICRONET   T-22017    91/1m    Puz 
Jurassic Park                SEGA       G-3329     93/4m    Act
Kick & Rush                  SIMS       T-44057    93/2m    Spt
Kuni-chan's Game Paradise    SEGA       G-3303     91/2m    Msc 
Kuni-chan's Game Paradise 2  SEGA       G-3322     92/2m    Msc
Kureyon Shinchan             BANDAI     T-133047   95/4m    Msc
Lemmings                     SEGA       G-3317     93/2m    Puz
Lion King                    SEGA       G-3363     95/4m    Act
Lunar                        GAME ARTS  T-45017    96/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Madoh Monogatari 1           SEGA       G-3410     93/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Madoh Monogatari 2           SEGA       G-3419     94/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Madoh Monogatari 3           SEGA       G-3424     94/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Madoh Monogatari A           COMPILE    T-66047    95/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Magic Knight Rayearth        SEGA       G-3423     94/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Magic Knight Rayearth 2      SEGA       G-3429     95/4m    Sim   Batt.
Magical Taruruto-kun         TSUKUDA    T-65017    91/1m    Sht
Mappy                        NAMCO      T-14027    91/1m    Act
McDonald's Magical Worlds    SEGA       G-3340     94/4m    Act
Megamitensei~Last Bible      SEGA       G-3418     94/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Megamitensei~Last Bible Sp.  SEGA       G-3427     95/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Mickey M:Castle of Illusion  SEGA       G-3301     91/1m    Act
Mickey M:Legendary Kingdom   SEGA       G-3360     95/4m    Act
Mickey M:Magic Crystal       SEGA       G-3323     93/4m    Act
Moludorian                   SEGA       G-3422     94/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Monster World 2              SEGA       G-3308     92/2m    Act
Mortal Kombat                AKKLAIM    T-81017    93/4m    Act
Mortal Kombat 2              AKKLAIM    T-81107    94/4m    Act
Nazo Puyo                    SEGA       G-3224     93/2m    Puz
Nazo Puyo ~Aruru no ruu      SEGA       G-3357     94/2m    Puz  
Nazo Puyo 2                  SEGA       G-3413     93/2m    Puz   Batt.
NBA Jam                      AKKLAIM    T-81037    94/4m    Spt
NBA Jam T.E.                 AKKLAIM    T-81137    95/4m    Spt
Neco Daisuki! (We Love Cats) SEGA       G-3434     96/4m    Sim   Batt.
NFL Quarterback Club'95      AKKLAIM    T-81147    95/4m    Spt   Batt.
Ninja Gaiden                 SEGA       G-3215     91/1m    Act
Ninku                        SEGA       G-3370     95/4m  Fgh/Rpg
Ninku 2                      SEGA       G-3376     95/4m    Act
Ninku Gaiden                 SEGA       G-3377     95/4m  Act/Puz
Outrun                       SEGA       G-3213     91/1m    Rcg
Pac Man                      NAMCO      T-14017    91/1m    Act
Panzer Dragoon Mini          SEGA       G-3384     96/4m    Sht
Pengo                        SEGA       G-3102     90/1m  Act/Puz
Phantasy Star Adventure      SEGA       G-3216     92/1m    Adv
Phantasy Star Gaiden         SEGA       G-3405     92/2m    Rpg   Batt.
Pocket Jongsoh (Mahjong)     NAMCO      T-14067    92/1m    Soc
Pop Breaker                  MICROCABIN T-52017    91/1m    Sht
Popeye's Beach Valley Ball   TECHNOS    T-154017   94/4m    Act
Popils                       TENGEN     T-48017    91/1m    Puz   Batt.
Professional Baseball '91    SEGA       G-3207     91/1m    Spt
Professional Baseball '94    SEGA       G-3353     94/4m    Spt
Professional Baseball GG L.  SEGA       G-3407     93/2m    Spt
Psychic World                SEGA       G-3203     91/1m    Act
Putt & Putter                SEGA       G-3209     91/1m    Spt
Puyo Puyo(aka Dr.Robotonik..)SEGA       G-3324     93/2m    Puz
Puyo Puyo 2                  COMPILE    T-66037    94/4m    Puz
Puzzle Bobble (Bust a Move)  TAITO      T-11047    96/2m    Puz
Quenetic Connection          SEGA       G-3401     91/1m    Puz   Batt.
Quiz Gear Fight, The         SEGA       G-3367     95/4m    Msc
Rastan Saga                  TAITO      T-11037    91/2m    Act
Riddick Bowe Boxing          MICRONET   T-22027    94/2m    Spt 
Ristar the Shooting Star     SEGA       G-3356?    95/4m    Act
Robocop3                     AKKLAIM    T-81097    94/2m    Act
Royal Stone                  SEGA       G-3425     95/4m  Sim/Rpg  Batt.
Ryuukyuu                     FACE       T-54017    91/1m    Puz
Saint Tail                   SEGA       G-3382     96/4m    Msc
Sailor Moon                  BANDAI     T-133017   95/4m    Act
Samurai Spirits              TAKARA     T-103027   94/4m    Fgh
Scratch Golf                 VIC TOKAI  T-23017    94/2m    Spt
SD Gundum Winner's History   BANDAI     T-133027   95/4m  Act/Sim Batt.
Shanghai 2                   SUNSOFT    T-15017    91/1m    Puz
Shikinjoh                    SUNSOFT    T-15027    91/1m    Puz
Shining Force Gaiden         SEGA       G-3406     92/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Shining Force Gaiden 2       SEGA       G-3409     93/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Shining F.G.~Final Conflict  SEGA       G-3428     95/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Smash TV                     AKKLAIM    T-81057    94/2m    Act
Sonic & Tails                SEGA       G-3331     93/4m    Act
Sonic & Tails 2              SEGA       G-3356     94/4m    Act
Sonic Drift                  SEGA       G-3415     94/4m    Rcg
Sonic Drift 2                SEGA       G-3366     95/4m    Rcg
Sonic Labyrinth              SEGA       G-3374     95/4m    Act
Sonic the Hedgehog           SEGA       G-3307     91/2m    Act
Sonic the Hedgehog 2         SEGA       G-3321     92/4m    Act
Soukoban                     RIVERHILL  T-53017    90/1m    Puz
Space Harrier                SEGA       G-3212     91/1m    Sht
Sqweek                       VICTOR     T-60017    91/1m    Act
Star Gate                    AKKLAIM    T-81157    95/2m    Puz
Super Columns                SEGA       G-3226     95/2m    Puz
Super Golf                   SIGMA      T-26017    91/1m    Spt
Super Momotaro Dentetsu 3    HUDSON     T-143017   95/4m    Soc   Batt.
Super Monaco GP              SEGA       G-3201     90/1m    Rcg
Super Monaco GP 2            SEGA       G-3312     92/2m    Rcg
Syadam Crusader              SEGA       G-3404     92/4m    Rpg   Batt.
Sylvan Tail                  SEGA       G-3426     95/4m  Act/Rpg Batt.
T2 Judgment Day              AKKLAIM    T-81117    94/2m    Act
T2 The Arcade Game           AKKLAIM    T-81027    94/4m    Sht
Tails Adventure              SEGA       G-3372     95/4m    Act
Tails' Sky Patrol            SEGA       G-3368     95/2m  Act/Sht
Tama & Friends               SEGA       G-3361     95/2m    Act
Tantoaru                     SEGA       G-3345     94/4m    Puz
Tempo Jr.                    SEGA       G-3369     95/4m    Act
Tom & Jerry the Movie        SEGA       G-3319     93/2m    Act
Torarete Tamaruka!?          SEGA       G-3348     94/4m    Act
True Lies                    AKKLAIM    T-81167    95/4m    Act
TV Anime Slum Dunk           BANDAI     T-133037   94/4m    Spt
Ultimate Soccer              SEGA       G-3333     93/2m    Spt
Virtua Fighter Mini          SEGA       G-3380     96/8m    Fgh
Wagyan Land                  NAMCO      T-14047    91/2m    Act
Walls of Verurin             KANEKO     T-33017    91/2m    Act
Wimbledon                    SEGA       G-3221     93/1m    Spt
Winter Olympic               SEGA       G-3342     94/4m    Spt
Wonder Boy                   SEGA       G-3205     90/1m    Act
Woody Pop                    SEGA       G-3103     91/1m    Puz
World Derby                  CSK        T-68017    94/4m    Sim
Yaiba                        SEGA       G-3346     94/4m    Act
Yu Yu Hakusyo                SEGA       G-3343     94/4m    Act
Yu Yu Hakusyo 2              SEGA       G-3354     94/4m    Act
Zan Gear                     WOLF TEAM  T-32017    90/1m    Sim
Zenki                        SEGA       G-3373     95/4m    Act
Zool                         INFOCOM    T-149017   94/2m    Act

 Japanese Titles "As Known As":                                                         
Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage) 
Bare Knuckle 2 (Streets of Rage 2)               
Garou Densetsu Special (Fatal Fury Special)
Gear Stadium (Gia sutajiamu with Katakana)
Good Luck Gorby (Factory Panic)
Great Voyage of Hyoutanjima (Hyokkori Hyoutanjima -Hyoutanjima no Daikoukai)
Inu Daisuki! (We Love Dogs)
Last Bible (Megami Tensei Gaiden Last Bible)
Magical Taruru-to Kun (Magical Tal Route in Europe)
Match-able model "Great Strategy G" (Taisengata Daisenryaku G)
Neco Daisuki! (We Love Cats) 
Pocket Jongsoh (Mahjong)    
Puyo Puyo (Dr.Robotonik Mean Bean Machine) 
Puyo Puyo 2 (Dr.Robotonik Mean Bean Machine 2)                  
Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move)                           
Road of the Magic Story II (Madou Monogatari 2 Aruru 16sai)
Road of the Magic Story III (Madou Monogatari 3 Kyuukyoku Joousama)
Sailer Moon (Bishoujo Senshi Sailer Moon S)
Samurai Spirits (Samurai Shodown)
Shikin Castle (Shikinjo)
Tama & Friends Olympic Games (Tama & Friends 3tyoume Kouen Tamalynpic)
Warehouse Keeper (Soukoban)

4.0) Accessories List

Rechargeable Battery Pack or the Handy Power by STD:
The Rechargeable Battery Pack is a portable, rechargeable battery,
which weights about 400 gram. It is recharged with a AC adapter or a
regular adapter, and it takes about 8 hours. This will in return give you
3 to 4 hours of uninterrupted fun with you GG. It is great for travel and
saves you some money on batteries.
Super Wide Gear:
The Super Wide Gear is basicly just a big lense, which magnifies
the screen on your GG. So instead of a 3.2" screen, you'll have a 5"
screen. It is good for some games, but not all. As it is with all video
games, the larger the screen - the harder it is to keep track of every
thing, that is going on, on the screen. One downside about the Super Wide
Gear is that it is very hard on your eyes. Really recommended if you're
a big Role-Playing Game fan !!

AC adapter:
The best AC Adaptor is the one fot the Sega Genesis model 2 or for the
Sega 32X & the Nomad. The Sega CD or the Sega Genesis model 1 will not 
work just because of the size of the plug. They may have others third 
partys that made AC Adaptor replacement but it would be preferable to use 
one from Sega. 

Master Gear Converter:
The Master Converter is a device which you plug in where you
normaly put in the games. This will enable you to plug in games from the
Sega Master System and play them on your GG. I have heard that some 2
player games doesn't work propaly on the GG. I would also guess that you
lose some detail, on the screen, as the Master System screen size 240 x
226 and it can display 52 colours out of 256 colours. If the game are 
using is a PAL game, then it will just slow down a bit.

Game Genie & the Pro Action Replay:
The Game Genie is a cartridge-like thing, you plug between the GG
and the cartridge. When you start the GG, a menu pops up and you can type
a code, which will change something in the game. For example, you can have
more lives or weapons, start at which levels you want or something else.
The codes are available in magazines, on the net or you can program your
own codes. The Pro Action Replay for the Game Gear was only available in
Europe, and has the same function as the Game Genie except that it takes
different kind of codes.  

Tv Tuner:
The Tv Tuner is another device which you plug in where you normaly
put in the game, which makes you able to watch tv on your GG. The Tv Tuner
has gone out of production, because got into a fight with the producers of
the TV Tuner. To prevent that the company continued to produce the TV
Tuner, Sega changed the GG, so the new models do not support the TV Tuner.
You can see if you GG supports th TV Tuner by checking the models number.
Does the number STARTS with a letter, then your GG NOT support the TV Tuner. 
The TV Tuner is compatible for different models to support the different
TV systems around the world. As I know it is made in a NTSC, a PAL and a
SECAM model. The TV Tuner should be quite hard on your batteries, but with
a Rechargeable Battery Pack you should get three hours of uninterrupted
tv. The TV Tuner also has a small input line-In jack which can be use to
plug a VCR, a dislay screen for a Camcorder, hook it up to watch Cable and
even play another Video game System !!  
Car Lighter Adapter or the Handy Plug by STD:
These Car Lighter Adapter can  be plugged into the cigarette lighter of 
your car (or somebody others car), so you can play when traveling great 
distances or simply bored to death.

Gear-to-Gear Cable:
With some games that supports multi-players, this is the only way to 
compete with an adversary. Really great for Combat games like Mortal Kombat.

Carrying Case & Deluxe Carrying Case:
The Carrying Case has 2 separate pockets. One is padded for the Game Gear 
unit the the other can hold 8 to 10 cartridges. The Deluxe Carrying Case 
can hold your Game Gear unit, 10 cartridges, batteries and manuals. And has
even a shoulder strap for carrying ease.

FM Radio Adaptor:
There is an FM radio unit that fits in the cartrige slot (like the TV Tuner)
and lets you listen to any FM station just like a Walkman. Unfortuanetly,
i don't remember which company is making this accessory or any other info.

Handy Gear:
This accessory is made by STD. It's let you protect your Game Gear unit
from water, rain and snow. It also has a screen magnifier that even has
an glare reducer, also has a space storage to put an extra cartrige and
has a carrying strap.

5.0) Europe Cartridge Releases Only

Name                                    Manufacturer    Type
4-in-1 Pak                              Sega            Various
Asterix - Secret Mission                                Platform
Bart's Nightmare                        Konami          Platform
Baseball '91                                            Sports
Baseball '92                                            Sports
Berlin Wall                             Kaneco          Platform
Blackjack                                               Cards
Buster Ball                             Riverhill
Dropzone                                Codemasters     Shooter
Duffy Duck                                              Platform
Ernie Els Golf                          Codemasters     Golf
Factory Panic                           Sega
FIFA International Soccer               Electronic Arts Soccer
FIFA '96                                Electronic Arts Soccer
Formula-1 (F1 Racing)                   Domark          Driving
Formula 1 Grand Prix 2                  Domark          Driving
Frogger (Prototype)                                     Platform
Galaga '91                              Namcot          Shooter
Gamegear Alleste                        Compile         Shooter
Gamegear Alleste 2                      Compile         Shooter
Gamegear League                         Sega            Baseball
Gamegear Wars                                           Strategy
Heavy Weight Champioships                               Boxing
House of Tarot
Hurricanes                              U.S. Gold       Soccer
James Bond 007                          Domark
Kick & Rush                             Sims            Soccer
Magical Tal Route
Major League Baseball                                   Baseball
Man Overboard
Marko's Magic Football                  Domark          Platform
Micro Machines                          Codemasters     Racing
Micro Machines 2                        Codemasters     Racing
Operation Starfish
Ottifants, The                          Sega            Platform
Outrun                                  U.S. Gold       Racing
Pac-in-Time                             Namco           Arcade
Pete Sampras Tennis                     Codemasters     Tennis
PGA Tour Golf                           Tengen          Golf
PGA Tour Golf II                        Tengen          Golf
PGA Tour Golf 96                        Tengen          Golf
Phantasy Star 1                                         Adventure
Phantasy Star 2                                         Adventure
Phantasy Star 3                                         Adventure
Pop Breaker                             Micro Cabin
Power Drive                             US Gold         Racing
Powerstrike 2
Pusho Pusho                             Sega            Tetris
Ray Earth                               Clamp
Ronald in the Magical World             Sega            Platform
Sensible Soccer                         Sony            Sports
Skweek                                  Infrogames
Smurfs (Schtroumpfs, Schluempfe)                        Platform
Smurfs 2 (Schtroumpfs, Schluempfe)                      Platform
Sonic Compilation                       Sega            Various
Sonic Drift Race                        Sega            Racing
Sonic Maze                              Sega            Platform
Strider                                 U.S.Gold
Tazmania 2                              Sega            Platform
Ultimate Soccer                                         Sports
Wagon Land
Wizard Pinball                                          Pinball
Wonderboy                               Sega            Platform
Wonderboy 2                             Sega            Platform
Wonderboy 3: Monsterworld 2             Sega            Platform


6.0) Odds and Ends...

* Here something that was supposed to be released but never did, a kinda 
clone of the Super Game Boy, (Mega Game Gear ???) was an convertor that 
was supposed to play Game Gear games on the Genesis/32X !! But companies 
like Sega or Nintendo has a tendance to "work" on a great device but never 
comes out...hate that when it happens.

* Another odd hardware is the Wide Gear, a device that let's you connect
your Game Gear to a TV and plug even a Genesis controller for playing !?!
This thing is huge but at least it does work (and how !!) but it's too
expensive to buy (more than a 1,000$). Many of you contacted me to ask me
where you can find a Wide Gear, Sorry to say i don't know !!! PLEASE don't
ask me this question anymore. I read the story of this gadget in one of 
the Electronic Gaming Magazines which had a picture. Better ask SEGA or 
EGM, maybe they know ? And good luck in your search !      

* Marlin Bates & Tom Cronin sent this UNIQUE info: There exist a board
developer's Game Gear with a modification for TV out - the entire circuit 
board fits easily within one of the battery compartments. It plays games 
on a TV set just fine - there's is a border around the action, but every-
thing is clean and viewable. It also have (for some reason) the Game Gear 
developer's hardware - consists of two cards to plug into a PC, an In-
Circuit Emulator, a 5.25" floppy (presumably containing an assembler) and 
a LARGE circuit board - with composite video out. 

And Chris Pepin sent this info: In an older issue of EGM I believe, they 
showed a Game Gear modified by Sega to have RCA outputs on it to allow 
playing Game Gear Games on TV. They jammed a couple of extra circuit 
boards into the battery compartments.  Theoretically, almost anybody 
should be able to modify their GG to have Composite output. Just as long 
as one knew exactly where on the circuit board to tap to get the correct 
signals. Unfortuantly, I don't remember which issue it was in. I cur-
rently have a GG with a bad screen that I would love to modify if I only 
knew how. :-( [Just without saying, if anybody knows which mag number is,
please e-mail me it so i can put in this FAQ to everybody to know. For
a picture of this, it will be on my web site by the end of this month.
And if there's a willing good soul who has one and wants to depart of it,
selling it or trade it, please e-mail me pronto, i have the skill and the 
know-how of electronics so i could make a shematic of this board for 
everybody would make themselves and enjoy it. Thanks!]

* Matt Ferguson sent this information: There is a cable that lets you 
play 2-player Master system games on the Mastergear. One end plugs into 
the gear-to-gear port and the other end has a port for attaching a 
master system controller for the second player.

* Here's some info that Barry Cantin told us: 

I have noticed something kind of odd at - of all places - K-Mart stores.  
      (and Zellers, K-Mart & The Bay stores in Canada too - SDC)
They sell used video games from a distributor called "The Game Trader".  
If you haven't seen this already, you'll definitely want to look. I have 
bought several Game Gear titles from them over the past year, each at $15. 
Now, the interesting part. Many of the US/European titles they sell are 
COMPLETE, NEW, in the box with instructions. I managed to pick up a few 
this way.  (Oh, in case you didn't already have this tidbit for your FAQ, 
the silver Game Gear boxes were the ones sold in Europe [note the multi-
lingual docs] while the purple ones (later) or the original ones [with the 
old Game Gear logo] are for the North American market...)

Anyway, among the K-Mart items are - occasionally - some japanese Game Gear
titles.  now I know that they're brand new but they never include the box
or docs.  Maybe the people at "The Game Trader" thought that Americans and
Canadians would be offended at the thought of buying a Japanese game (which
is silly to me, it's more deceptive to NOT include the original packaging,
which I want anyway).  I have bought about five or six this way.

Well folks, you heard it from Barry, you can find some Europeans or Japa-
nese Cartridges from the "Game Traders". Just look in a nearby shopping
store, who knows ?? You may get lucky !!

* Another thing that Barry told is some older Japanese games do not work 
on the newer US systems (same difference as TV Tuner). So check them out
before buying them IF you can.

* Did you know that in Japan they made a "Coca-Cola Limited Edition" Game 
Gear ? If you are passing in Atlanta(Georgia), just make a stop by the 
Coca-Cola Museum. There is one displayed. It also came with a red cartridge,
this game is called: "COCA-COLA KID" ! This unit is really beginning to 
be a collector item since Video Game Collectors and Coca-Cola Collectors 
are trying to get their hands on it !!

* Murray Melvin informed me about the blue GG variant, here's what:
It was pretty readily available in the US (at Toys R Us) and came with 
some sports game (Joe Montana Football, I think). It was also based on 
the newer versions that don't work with the TV tuner.

One more little nitpicky detail:most (if not all) of the old GG's that
work with the TV tuner have a flat screen cover and go straight into the
game when you turn them on (at least the US ones do). The newer ones have 
a more rounded, "bubbled" screen cover and display a blue screen w/white 
text with the familiar "Produced by or under license from" text. They 
also changed the way the buttons are shaped a little.

* In Japan, the Game Gear was released in a white color casing and a white
TV tuner. Another variant is Magic Knight Rayearth GG in a red color with 
Rayearth logo. Another variant is the one called the "Kids Gear". The Kids
Gear was released in 1996, it's basicaly the GG that was renamed as the KG.
The KG was released with Virtua Fighter Mini.

The KG has a little different shape (around start button, maybe...) and 
illustration of Virtua Fighter faces front side. Of course GG can play KG 
games and KG can play GG games.


7.0) Credits

* Jeff Bogumil (for the pointer to this FAQ)
* Barry W. Cantin (Boy did he help me !!)
* Thomas Cronin (Micro-Board Gear to TV info)
* Matt Ferguson (the 2 player cable MasterGear)
* Murray Melvin (info on the blue GG)
* Ippei Muramatsu (the japanese cart list & other info)
* Chris Pepin (Micro-Board Gear to TV info)
* EGM, Gamepro, Mega Play, Sega Power, Sega Pro & Edge Magazines

Thanks and see you in the next version !!!
Copyright(c)1998, Sylvain De Chantal, ""
Copyright(c)1998, Eric Hamel, ""
or come visit my homepage at ""

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