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Mega Duck/Cougar Boy FAQ

                   The Mega Duck/Cougar Boy  
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		       Version MD.01 - July 2001	 

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           Welcome to the Mega Duck/Cougar Boy F.A.Q. 

                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

              1.0) The Mega Duck
              1.5) The Cougar Boy
              2.0) Specifications
              3.0) Cartridges List
              4.0) The Mega Duck Lerncomputer
              4.5) Accessories
              5.0) Credits


1.0) The Mega Duck

The Mega Duck was released by Creatronic, Videojet and Timlex in 1993 
mainly in Germany and France. Looks alike a Game Boy with the mono-
chrome green screen, it's "start", "Select", "A" and "B" buttons and 
directional pad but that's were the similiraties ends.

The carts are about 2 1/8 inchs by 2 1/2 inchs with 36 pins to connect
with the cartridge slot of the Mega Duck (unlike the 32-pins of the
Game Boy or the 40-pins of the Supervision).

I know that Creatronic did some Pong Systems in the late 70's like
the Creatronic Bi.Bip 4 but that's the only information i have found
regarding the manufacturer.


1.5) The Cougar Boy

The Cougar Boy was released by Cougar, an electronic manufacturer
of device and accessories, had mainly distributed it in Brasil in
1993. Cougar brought the rights from Creatronics to manufactured
it under it's own name. The Cougar Boy is the exact replica of the
Creatronic/Videojet Mega Duck, which has the style of the Nintendo
Game Boy, but a bit bigger.

One gives credit that the Cougar Boy has been available only in 
Brazil, being also sold in Paraguay and Argentina. The number of games 
that were distributed doesn't go over the 30 titles.


2.0) Specifications

* CPU : 8-bit VLSI 
* Screen: 49mm x 46mm (maybe 160 x 144 pixels?)
* Color: 4 colors (monochrome green tones)
* Power Switch
* External Power Supply Jack (DC6V and YES, Atari Lynx AC adapter works!)
* Contrast Adjustment
* Direction buttons (similar to the GameBoy)
* 4 "AA" Batteries  
* Headphone Jack 
* Speaker built-in
* A & B buttons
* Select button
* Start button
* Volume controller
* Two Player Link (6-pin communications port). 
* 36-pin Cartridge Slot


3.0) Cartridges List

Name                            CougarBoy   MegaDuck   Year 
* 2nd Space                     CB028       MD028      1993
* Ant-Soldiers                  CB026       MD026      1993
* Armoured Force                CB014       MD014      1993
* Artic Zone                    CB006       MD006      1993
* Black Forest Tale             CB013       MD013      1993
* Bomb Disposer                 CB003       MD003      1993
* Five in One                   CB036       MD036      1993
* Four in One (see "A")         CB035       MD035      1993
* Magic Maze                    CB007       MD007      1993
* Magic Tower                   CB029       MD029      1993
* Pile Wonder                   CB010       MD010      1993
* Puppet Knight                 CB008       MD008      1993
* Railway                       CB019       MD019      1993
* Snake Roy                     CB018       MD018      1993
* Street Rider                  CB002       MD002      1993
* Suleuman's Treasure           CB005       MD005      1993
* Tip & Tap (???)
* The Brick Wall                CB001       MD001      1993
* Trap and Turn                 CB009       MD009      1993
* Vex                           CB004       MD004      1993
* Worm Visitor                  CB030       MD030      1993

"A" = Electron World, Dice Block, Trouble Zone, Virus Attack(?)


4.0) The Mega Duck Lerncomputer

Made by Hartung, also known as the Super Junior Computer. The Hartung
Mega Duck Lerncomputer is a typically a learning computer for young 
kids with a Mega Duck game system incorporated. 

The "Maus" (Mouse) that comes with it is not rally a mouse but rather
a control pad (it's just design to look like a mouse). The Lerncomputer
has a green monochrome of a size of 57mm X 52mm, which is a bit bigger
than the Mega Duck handheld screen. Also, it has a piano keyboard and has
a 87 button keyboard all in Deutch and even speaks in Deutch.

Futher more, it has a volume and contrast knob on the right side of the
screen, has a power and batterie leer (life) LED indicators, has x2 
cartridge ports: one for the Speichermodul (Memory Cartridge) and the 
second one is for the Ergänzungsmodul (Additional Cartridges) like game
cartridges or learning/drawing, etc.. cartridges. Also has a Kopfhörer
input (Earphone Jack), Maus Anschlub (Mouse Port), Drucker Anschlub 
(Printer Port), Serial Connector and a Netzadapter (Voltage Jack Input)
of 9 Volts DC / 1 Amp or can be powered by x4 "C" batteries.

Onced powered, you have 12 icons appearing on the screen. The first one 
(upper-left), is the icon for setting the internal clock and alarm clock.
The second one, is for the built-in calender, the third one is for the
built-in calculator, the forth one is the Notepad. Secon row: first on the 
left is the orthograph, the second one is for some mathematical games, the 
third one is for making drawings and the forth one is the icon for doing
some Basic Programming. Now for the third row, first one one the left is
for the piano keyboard (composing, playing...), the second one is a write
program (?), the third one is for writing and printing words and the last 
one is for selecting the game cartridge or additional cartridge modules.

Known Cartridges List:
* JC 501/01 Speicher-Modul (Save Module) [comes with the Lerncomputer]
* JC 501/05 Zeichnen (Drawing Module)
* JC 501/06 Data Bank 

Hartung Spiele Berlin Handels GmbH
Bundesallee 126
D 12161 Berlin
12 D39


4.5) Accessories

Accesories are only known for the Mega Duck Lerncomputer to date.
See chapter 4.0 to know about them.


5.0) Credits

* Roel N. 
* Patrice Le Bihan 
* Video-Games History 


Thanks and see you in the next version !!!
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